The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance vs. The Searchers



Well, this is a toughie. The Searchers is more epic and influential, but TMWSLV is more consistent in tone and just as deep. I could easily go either way.

Two of my favorite John Wayne films! Both are 10/10 masterpieces in my book. Jimmy Stewart tips my vote to Liberty Valance but it pains me to choose.

Liberty Valance was/is great, but The Searchers is John Ford's masterpiece.

John Waynes two best film.the searchers is a little more memorable.

The Searchers could have been much better, if the time leaps were not in it. It Paces too much towards the end i think, although it has the better locations, i have to vote for Liberty Valance, which is the more complete movie. On Top we have John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Lee Van Cleef and Jimmy Stewart. What more do you want?

i love both, but i prefer the searchers pretty comfortably

Two of the greatest western tales ever put to film.

I can't take anything away from Liberty Valance but The Searchers is a masterpiece. It's a really hard choice to pick a movie without Jimmy Stewart against one he's in but Searchers is just such an amazing looking film. The story and performances are great but it's the cinematography and in particular the setting of Monument Valley that makes The Searchers my favourite western.