Resident Evil: Afterlife vs. Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis



I've been watching all these zombie flicks lately that I've been avoiding for years. I just sat through the latest two Resident Evil flicks back to back. The only positive result is that I have a couple more movies to pad out the lower depths of my Flickchart movie list. I watched Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis not long ago, and that was condemned to the lower depths as well. Afterlife started really bugging me when they fought that huge zombie with the axe, and almost the whole confrontation was in slow motion with water spraying around. There was no dramatic significance to the fight in the first place, and the slow motion made it seem even less dramatic. Necropolis is a worse movie, but I actually feel angrier at Afterlife. It just shouldn't suck so much to where I need to actually put thought into if it's better than Necropolis. Necropolis was really bad.

While Afterlife was probably the worst of the Resident Evil franchise, I still enjoyed it and it was still entertaining, but Necropolis had absolutely nothing going for it, so I really don't have to put any thought into whether Afterlife is better than Necropolis or not. It is.