Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb vs. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut



this is tough. which would i watch right now for pure pleasure....?

Agree with passing lane... this is painful

Easy choice. Dr. Strangelove all the way...

Thank God none of my friends have Flickchart, otherwise they'd beat my skull in for hesitating over this matchup.

South Park is hilarious.

Dr. Strangelove.

A very easy choice, south park is cool but it isn't Kubrick.

Both are very interesting war satires. But overall, South Park's heart and musical fun edge it out just above Strangelove.

South Park is great, but its up against Kubrick.

In that even south park begin the story and Dr. Strangelove it sactastling do is that what it is

South park is extremely funny and entertaining but Strangelove is a masterpiece one of the greatest films ever so greatly made and is funny as well.

Which would Brian Boitano choose? Case closed.

I love South Park, but it has to be Dr. Strangelove.

Strangelove wins-even after 50 years ago its still the greatest Political satire and war parody ever the brilliance of Kubrick reigns supreme!

I'll change my choice to Strangelove. Just a better overall film, but both are in my Top 20.

I love South Park, but yeah Strangelove is way better