Punch-Drunk Love vs. Magnolia




PDL is so much dynamic ! It makes you want to go out in the street and shout your head off.

And taaaaame.. the vagina!

Love before beauty.

While the general consensus seems to be that Punch Drunk Love is PTA's worst film, that is in no way an insult. He's one of the few directors out there who has never made anything less that a high quality film.

I have to give it to Punch-Drunk Love. Not only do I think that it's the better movie, but it doesn't have any rough patches, which Magnolia has from time to time. I could watch Punch-Drunk Love any day of the week and it would still beat Magnolia in a walk. Still, Magnolia is no slouch, and to sell it as such would be a crime against great movies. I just prefer Punch-Drunk Love more (the fact that it's my favorite movie of all time is only part of the reason). It's just a magnificent movie!

Punch-Drunk Love.

Damn, I love both. Punch-Drunk Love is actually my favorite PTA film though.