Punch-Drunk Love vs. Boogie Nights



These two are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Punch-Drunk Love so happens to be my favorite of PTA's films, while Boogie Nights so happens to not only be my least favorite, but one I do not intend to watch again at any point in the near future.

This is a great matchup, since they're both Paul Thomas Anderson obviously, but Boogie Nights is so sprawling and Punch-Drunk Love is so focussed. I chose Boogie Nights because "Hey did you ever see that movie Star Wars? People say I look like Han Solo. What do you bench?"

A tale of two Guzmans

I was bored to death by Punch-Drunk Love, I gotta admit. Adam Sandler was fantastic, but it just didn't really go anywhere and I just couldn't get into it. Boogie Nights though was entertaining as hell and a great idea and... Roller Girl. That is all.

Love PTA, love both of these, but I have to go with Punch-Drunk Love - it's speaks to me more, it's more moving and I return to it more often than Boogie Nights.

Punch-Drunk Love is my favorite movie of all time! How I love it so, but Boogie Nights does put up one hell of a fight. The thing is this though. Punch-Drunk Love speaks to me on a stronger level, and the film is just so beautiful and focused that the combined talents of Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, and writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson have made a movie that will last for the ages. It is the clear winner here!

Punch Drunk Love was good but kinda underwhelming next to Boogie Nights(the only PTA film I saw when I saw PDL)

I love both so very much, but Punch-Drunk just has a very beautiful and quiet loveliness that enchants me more and more.

Boogie Nights has so many more memorable moments, it can't not win here.

This hurts because I love Punch Drunk Love but Boogie Nights is the better and more ambitious PTA film