Alien vs. The Godfather Part II



Alien pretty easy for me

Alien as well for me

Alien is one of my favorite Sci Fi movies of all time but Godfather Pt 2 is one of my favorites period.

Much respect to TGF2, but I simply prefer to watch Alien.

Alien is without a doubt a brilliant film and one of my all time favorites. The atmosphere that is created is rarely challenged. That being said, The Godfather Part II is a masterpiece in every sense and in my personal top 5. Sorry Ripley.

Godfather II for me also, but I adore both.


Alien is the slightly deeper and scarier film a brilliant horror sci-fi movie all do respect to Godfather part 2

Definitely prefer The Godfather Part II

I love both of these, but it's The Godfather Part II.

The Godfather Part II.

Love both, but Godfather is the easy win

Godfather II--a more serious film than the slow burn(build) Alien. I did not find Alien scary, however so my vote goes to the former. I find it more interesting.

I will side with alien

I love both and don't really know how to choose between them. I'm a fan bigger fan of horror/sci-fi. Crime/drama/mob isn't my thing. Love Goodfellas, Casino, Departed and of course The Godfather. I'll take Part 2 here over Alien. Aliens is the one I'd take over both Godfather films.

Alien is a classic for me, Godfather Part II is pretty good but it wasn't my kind of film for me..

The acting and sheer dramatic staging of Part II is rarely matched...

alien was so boring at the first time i saw da movie that i don't know why is considered a great movie, so i take godfather2

Alien is far better level good moments of it's reference..

The Godfather Part II isn’t the right title for it. It should’ve been called The Godfathers... no... okay, Alien wins