Alien vs. The Godfather



This is really tough for me. Both are giants in their genres. Both are eminently watchable. Godfather has to win, though, even though I might personally like Alien more, because as a piece of art, Godfather is a complete vision that has weathered better than Alien, just by a smidge.

"Alien vs. The Godfather"? dLon't give the studios any ideas! man, the Corleone family would really have to go to the mattresses if Alien declared war on them. i think New York City would give him conniption fits, though. i mean no cabbie would pick him up, no driver would surrender a lane, and jaded Manhattanites would show no fear or respect for the poor creature. they do, however, respect a good-looking mafia boss. no., i think Alien would give up the fight, and like any self-respecting retiree, head to Florida, in this case to Cape Canaveral to find a nice abandoned spaceship.

No contest for me. Alien, while a stylish and well directed flick, is basically a lavish haunted house movie in space. A solid "boo" movie and entertaining but has its moments of tedium. It's no match thematically for The Godfather and the power of its story telling, characters and acting.

Go The Godfather!

Alien wins for sure, Godfather sucks because its too booring and slow. Alien does still have its popularity while Godfather has gone pretty amode. Alien have also far better acting and action. AND I HATE Godfather, Godfather is nothing but some old booring trash piece of shit. Alien wins here big time.

I never really understood people calling The Godfather boring, it isn't at all. I found Alien to be more boring than The Godfather to be honest. I do actually like Alien though, just nowhere near as much as I like The Godfather.

Looking back on this, I'm definitely going with Alien. If it were Alien versus Godfather Part 2, that would be a bit different.


Both are classics, but The Godfather is the winner.

The Godfather for sure.

As Ridley Scott himself said, Alien is nothing more than a dressed up B movie. Personally, I think its a bit boring.


Alien is million times more exciting and million times better, Godfather is some booring piece of shit.

Alien can only match the third godfather

I can't refuse

The Godfather

I hate people who dont like boring and slow films they are the better made films and take their time telling a story and have the better acting than films with 1000 explosions and and these two films are the best at sucking You in Godfather has more drama and a family bond that soars I really think the film is one of the greats But Alien is visual and deep! very great metaphores and alegories while being scary and as Intense as Father! Alien wins!

Alien always has me on the edge of my seat and its deep metaphor for rape and control its scary and intense while Godfather is stylish and great dialog and is well directed easy both are some of the best film ever! But Alien I like more!

TGF is the proper choice here, but I personally enjoy Alien more.

Alien wins for e but its very close but Alien just had more action scars and a better original story its the bench ark for sci-fi horror film while Godfather has its own style and has better cast and acting plus its one of the great gangster films period! right now im going Alien!

I preffer Alien

Too Close. I'll go with Alien.

TGF by far.