Alien vs. Saw



Two Classics. Alien is the easy winner though

Correction: One Classic. Alien is the easy winner.

Yeah alien for me too though i really like saw too

The Winner: Saw Sorry but I have to disagree with everyone here and say Saw. Saw is just too ground breaking for the type of movie it is. I've seen and love both movies, but for me if I could only watch one I'd have to go with Saw.

Alien gets the easy win here.

Saw, at a minimum, has become a cult classic for being the only torture-porn film out there that tries to maintain some semblance of artistic legitimacy. That's a dubious legacy to leave behind; yet, its following and infamy cannot be denied. Despite all that, Alien doesn't break a sweat here...

I'm going away from the grain and picking Saw here. I really don't have any big reason just that in my heart I think Saw is the better movie.

I'm with Nononsense here. One classic, and it certainly isn't that poorly written, poorly executed, poorly acted torture porn crap.