Alien vs. Se7en



Well shit.

Se7en doesn't have misleading jumpscares and isn't as incredibly slow as Alien. Se7en wins.

What Mystic said.

Se7en wins

I went over and over this. Alien. I had to.

Alien wins

Tough, but Alien wins.

Both films suffer from tedium at some points, but Se7en makes up for some of that with an unbelievable climax, Alien doesn't.

se7en for me,

Both are amazing films. Se7en wins.

Good contest. Alien for me.

Alien may be scarier, but Se7en is more compelling.

Se7en, without a doubt. The most perfect thriller...

Se7ven loses for me because for most of the movie the protagonists are only looking in on the danger as opposed to Alien where the crew is actually in danger.

Seven but I love both

Both are very suspenseful and have excellent endings, but Se7en wins this one.

Both are my 20 row but Alien for me..


Seven wins although both are great.