Alien vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Nice aliens vs. mean ones? The fucking mean ones of course (except for when it is done by speilberg (i.e. War of the Worlds)), but probably only really in this case.

Talk about two very different takes on the topic of alien life forms. As terrifying as Alien is, I still remember the various 'mountain sculpting' scenes to disturb me quite a bit watching Encounters as a child, not to mention the beings in silhouette when they disembark towards the end. Come to think of it, I really want to see a Flickchart face off between Close Encounters and Deliverance. I would have something brilliant to say right there...

Close Encounters was the visual feast, whereas Alien was the visceral feast.

Eh, "bad" aliens have been done to death. The "good" aliens of Close Encounters of the Third Kind were a nice change of pace (at least, I thought so).

Alien doesn't work for me anymore. It has become a predictable B Movie that loses its credibility after multiple viewings. Close Encounters I just recently viewed and I thought throughout the middle act it was a great film.

Close Encounters has better scenes, but Alien is the better whole.

I do dig Close Encounters, but I gotta give the nod to Alien...

Alien feels more focused so I'll go with that.



Alien is more dramatically gripping and the superior film.