Alien vs. Die Hard



ooooh oh oh this is tough

Eh, I think John McClane could have taken the Alien.

Even though it's a horror movie and, in general, I'm not much for horror movies, the sci-fi nut in me has to go with Alien. Man, that is hard, though.

I would LOVE to see John McClane Vs. Alien!

John McLaine would take down that Alien!

It would be cool to see John McClane and Ellen Ripley join forces against a ship full of terrorists and vicious aliens.

I love alien but die hard is the obvious winner

Damn, I'll go with Alien...I think.

Die Hard, why is everybody saying Alien?

hmm, Die hard

Alien, Die Hard is overrated..

Alien easily here.


Alien wins this but Die Hard is an action film favorite of mine.

Both are great action movies, but Alien is a visual masterpiece and a great use of mood.

Alien is clearly the best here guys, even your best thrillers are no match for this horror classic because it also works as a thriller and when you combine horror/thriller and you do it very well it is unbeatable. Die Hard dies hard.