Alien vs. The Shining



How the hell can anyone choose betwen these?!?!

It's simple, you just have to click on the movie poster for "The Shining".

It's simple, you just have to click on the movie poster for "Alien".

It's simple, you just have to click on the movie poster for "The Shining".

Well now you've made it harder, one of you says Alien the other The Shining, which one is it!

You pick the one that's scary. And really, only one of them was.

@BrendanH: Amen to that. One of these is the greatest horror movie ever made. The other is incomprehensible crap. (i.e.: It's simple, you just have to click on the movie poster for "Alien".)

The Shining was creepy, but yes, Alien was far more scary. I imagine that Dante had creatures like the Alien in mind as tormentors for damned souls in the Inferno, terrifying arbiters of torture and evisceration that only the truly disturbed could dream up.

It's close, but Alien wins.

Face huggers. Chest bursters. Android betrayal. And terrifying and unique title monster. All set in a claustrophobic spaceship full of awesome. The Shining is brilliant, but Alien just has more nightmare fuel by far.

Kubrick's direction, Nicholson's performance, the isolation, surrealism, lingering sense of dread. Yeah, The Shining takes it for me. Alien's great though.

Wow,this is tough.I love Alien.But The Shining is my favourite horror film.Both movies develop a spooky atmosphere.

Alien had a bigger impact.

The Shining it is.Ridley can't compete with the genius of Kubrick.


Good one. The Shining. Next.


Two of the greatest atmospheres ever put on film right here. Alien wins.

Two movies I will be watching this month. Could change after I re-visit them, but The Shining has always been my favorite of the two.

The Shining I choose you

Great matchup. I prefer Alien.

Two great horror films. Shining wins.

I have to go with The Shining on this one.

Alien all the way.

I changed my mind. Alien by an long shot.

Alien is good but The Shining is great.

They are both such important films to their respective genre, but I have to go with The Shinning. As old as the film is, it still gets under my skin.

Shining*, I always make that mistake.

Alien is pretty great, but I'm definitely going with The Shining.

I prefer Alien's atmosphere, it's scarier.

alien was a little boring for me so i go with the shining what a masterpiece

Two of my all time favs here but for me The Shining wins for being a simple story but so complex as well.

Both movies are iconic and have a breathtaking editing, but i prefer Alien. Alien is just disgusting in a good sense of way and for me the definition of claustrophobia.

The shining is scarier

This just isn't fair...