Cliffhanger vs. Under Siege



Under Seige is a great all around action movie I like it quite a bit better than Cliffhanger

The best thing about Cliffhanger was the exchange: "I must say, you're a real piece of work." "I must say, you're a real piece of shit." Under Siege is better in most every other way (aside from the Gary Busey cross-dressing), particularly with the talents of Erika Eleniak. And the way Seagal kills Tommy Lee Jones is satisfyingly brutal.

Cliffhanger starts with a bang. The opening scene had me on pins and needles the first time I saw it, and still gets to me. Then the mid-air heist is an excellent sequence. Then the movie fizzles. I don't think any sequence in Under Siege is quite as good as those two scenes in Cliffhanger, but it's a more solid action movie overall. Plus, Tommy Lee Jones automatically makes any movie better by his mere presence.

Cliffhanger had all the promise in the world. What brought it down was its antagonists, quite possibly the dumbest group of misfits I've had the displeasure of watching in any movie before. Their incompetence and constant arguing amongst themselves made the battle half as difficult as it should have been for Stallone. You don't have to cheer for Stallone to do anything drastic because the group's dysfunctional tendencies advance the plot more than he does! Under Siege was no gem either, and saying it was Steven Seagal's best movie is not exactly a complement, but you had a fantastic cast, some cool baddies in Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, the sexy Erika Eleniak and quite a few gratifying kills. It's one of those cheesy action flicks that you don't necessarily feel bad about owning because there ARE redeeming qualities. Cliffhanger has none of that.