Night of the Living Dead vs. Suspiria



wow, tough call. i am going with Suspiria. but just barely, love the score by Goblin. original NOTLD is awesome too

Love Suspiria a lot really creepy but I love Night of the Living Dead much much more

Night of the Living Dead is a bit of a snoozer, but it's still a notch or two above the irredeemably bad Suspiria.

"Irredeemably bad." I'm not going to say that's objectively wrong, but considering the ocean of films in existence, many of which are leaps and bounds more terrible, that might be something of an overstatement. There are certainly issues that can be taken with it. That is true. "Irredeemable", though? No.

Nah, saying Suspiria is worse than the Holocaust would be an overstatement. Calling it irredeemably bad is spot-on accurate. It's the kind of movie Harold P. Warren would've made if he had a bigger budget. Come to think of it, Suspiria could've used a little Torgo action to liven things up. Perhaps my compass is off on this one since I'm not big on horror movies, but I can't see Suspiria as anything other than an awful flick.

I'm with Caesar...I recently saw Suspiria for the first time and thought it could be considered as laughable as a Roger Corman movie. I don't love NotLD...but it wins here easily.

No, it really isn't spot-on accurate. Not even close. There are many people who would strongly disagree. It's one thing to not like, or even hate, a movie, and quite another to make statements that are gross exaggerations. For your claim to hold up you would have to be able to demonstrably prove that all the other people who consider it a good to great film are wrong. And not even just wrong, but hopelessly wrong. You have an opinion, which you are entirely welcome to.

Wait, how can I grossly exaggerate what is simply my opinion? You're basically telling me that it's okay for me not to like Suspiria, but it's not okay for me to think that it's an "irredeemably bad" film. That confuses me, Subgum.

Your opinion is that it is bad. Which is fine. But calling it "irredeemably bad" is making an objective statement. Like there is nothing about it on any level that anyone anywhere can find good about it. That isn't true. You can't prove it to be true.

It is not an objective statement and, frankly, I'm not sure how it could ever be interpreted as such.

Your whole "spot-on" statement up there! Really? The Holocaust bit? Sounds like you truly meant it. And I doubt Harold P. Warren would've tried anything like Suspiria. Wasn't Manos made on a dare?

Sure, I think all my opinions are spot-on accurate. If I didn't, they'd cease to be my opinions. I'm going to go ahead and exchange "irredeemably" for "very" and put this baby to bed. Suspiria is very bad!!! This matchup discussion is very good, though. We could use some more spirited back-and-forths here on Flickchart. Cheers, man.

What I want to know is what's wrong with Roger Corman flicks? The ones I've seen have been quite entertaining.

Seriously... no love for Susprisa which is stunning and frightening and clearly deserves more love?

Night of the living is a film that inspired many because it was the first true horror film frightening people with the undead representing death. this film is always mentioned by horror writers and film directors at some point, they compare and analyse this film to other great horror films that came after it ( it is 68's film ) and most of the best horror films came in the 70's. I am going for Night of the living dead for this one.

Night of the living dead scared people with the first terrifying vision of death that comes to mind, the rising dead, and the flesh-eating monsters that comes after it.

Suspiria is a great horror film, but I am quite confused about how can I like this film. It involves dance, brutal killings and witchcraft but I don't like those three things together.