The Thing vs. The Evil Dead



If we were judging this on the degree of realism in stop motion special effects alone, The Thing would win hands down. But The Evil Dead is way more visceral and terrifying. If you're looking for a horror movie that truly defines splatter, this is the one. I just LOVE horror movies in isolated settings, don't you? The Evil Dead WIIIIINNNNNNNNSSSSSSS

The Evil Dead wins this match up for some reason the more I watch The Thing the less I like it why I have no clue

Both took effect up a notch I think The Thing did it better but Evil Dead was more brutal and creative in the camera shooting adding style that had never been done before and making a horrifying expierence with a low budget and no CGI just brilliant make-up,Props and set designs going with the Tree raping demon possessing Evil Dead but its close.

The Thing. But I love the gore of these two movies.

The kings of practical effects, but The Thing is better

Which one is more iconic? Gotta say The Evil Dead.

Carpenter and Raimi directed the hell out of these two movies. If people can handle the gore, these are two "must watches" when it comes to classic horror. I have to applaud what Raimi and company were able to create with what they had available to them. They were able to craft a truly haunting movie that set the stage for quite the trilogy. That being said, I give the personal edge to The Thing. While both movies have an amazing claustrophobic feeling, I prefer the setting of the Thing and the characters. No matter how many times I watch it, I still catch small details I've never caught, and the suspense is so well crafted, it doesn't matter if you already know what's coming. If Carpenter hadn't directed Halloween, this would easily be his masterpiece.

Two of my favourite directors of all time! I honestly wasn't 'that' impressed on my first viewing of The Evil Dead; I did find it to be much more entertaining on a couple of rewatches, but I still think Evil Dead II improved on it in virtually every way, and I think I'd even take Army of Darkness over it. In any case, there's still much to be loved about the first Evil Dead of course, but it doesn't really compare to John Carpenter's masterpiece in my opinion.