The Thing vs. Possession



The Thing is the better film by effects and make-up alone while it has a simpler story yet scary cause its up front and has character development while Possession is awesome so weird bizarre and Niell's performance is masterful a mysterious film that you have to see to believe!

i love possession, but, to be honest, i think critics' initial reaction to the thing was pretty appropriate

Possession is great, but it's weird as fuck. Sometimes, it was more laughable than anything else; especially, when Sam Neill said that he became wise and loved everything and everyone. I was just laughing fucking hard. That was one of the first films that I enjoyed, but still could see why it would be received poorly by critics. The Thing is a masterpiece; great tension, great practical effects and a really nice ambiguous ending that didn't feel forced like most ambiguous endings do. It renews itself on every re-watch. I love how Possession is so experimental, but it's no match for The Thing here.