Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines vs. Terminator Salvation



T3 is better. Why? It got more Arni :D

T3 has some really cool stuff. T4 has some really cool stuff. T3 had the better ending.

I thought Terminator Salvation was a decent post-apocalyptic man vs. machine war movie that just happened to feature some Terminators. Flawed as it is, Terminator 3 actually still feels like a Terminator movie to me, and thus gets my vote. Here's my big question about Salvation: What is a Terminator movie without the fight to stop Judgment Day from happening...?

Nope. Salvation is easily the better here. Rise of the Machines is dar too light and childlike to even be considered a Terminator movie. Salvation is dark and angry, just like the franchise should be. Sure Ktistanna Loken is bangin' and sure CGI Arnie was a dick move, but that won't change the outcome of this match.

For me, there's the original Terminator and then some other movies that came after it. Since I don't really care what happens in the Terminator saga after the first movie, I have no expectations or standards for the other films regarding their Terminator cred. So, while I agree that Terminator 3 is too goofy, I still find it more entertaining than Salvation which isn't any fun at all. It's pretty boring and uninvolving throughout.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is easily the worst of the four Terminator films. Terminator Salvation was a pretty big improvement over it.

I thought Salvation was the definition of average. I thoroughly enjoyed T3, but understand that I'm in the minority. Rise of the Machines it is...



Hochimama... two bad films that prove this franchise should stop beating a dead horse and NEVER come back. T3 wins here I guess.

Salvation is better in my opinion, but neither one should have ever been made.

salvation didn't have have as many dumb moments.

Salvation is a bad terminator movie, but it's not as embarassing as Rise of the Machines.

T3 It felt more like the first 2 not as good but I liked It a tad more

Quite close, but T3 follows the traditional formula and has Arnold so gets my vote.

Both arent as good as the 1st 2 movies but Salvation is better than T3 IMO!

Not bad, but more detached. Rise of the Machines>Salvation

Ugh. Both are awful

Probably Salvation, T3 has moments of cool but not many.

I've had my fill of these Terminator movies. Just no more PLEASE.

Both are disappointment...

T3 Is pretty awful while T:S is just okay. At least it didn’t punch T2 in the face. I really just see T3 as another Alien 3. Ruins the movie before itself and then goes on to be a crap movie itself. Even if T:S was bad, it wouldn’t be as bad as that.

T2 > t1 >>>>>>>>>> salvation > T3 > > 5 >> 6

T2 >> T1 >>>>>>>>>>> T4 > T5 >= T6 > T3

Salvation is extremely underrated. I honestly like it more than the original.