The Godfather Part II vs. Fight Club



Pretty hard matchup discussion, for performance Godfather 2 wins out, but for plot and impact I have to give the win to Fight Club. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton it is.

I prefer Fight Club

Both top 20. Fight Club beats the first Godfather, but not the second.

Fight Club 3-2

Fight Club. The Godfather 2 was good, but I can't stand 200 minutes.

Fight Club for me it's such a honorable story.

Godfather II all day. Micheal Corleone's transformation into a soulless mob boss is infinitely more compelling then Tyler Durden's descent in madness or sanity or whatever.

I can appreciate both but I wouldn't call myself a fan of either. Fight Club for me


Fight Club is that good to win here.

The Godfather Part 2 by quite a big margin. It's a better story. Fight Club is glorious and a sharply written satire, but it really doesn't hold up by comparison