The Godfather Part II vs. The Godfather



It finally happened. Flickchart wants me to pick between The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. I ... I don't know what to do.

This is like Sophie's Choice!

Where ever they are currently on my list is where they stay for this one.

Unpossible. I'm having a melt-down on this one.

Why do they do this to me!?!?

I loved them both on the first viewing and still do. The first film lit a fire under me and never let it go out, and the second one was brutal and dark and featured a wonderful turn by Robert De Niro. I gotta side with the first, but only on gut instinct.

Tough tough call. Like Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, here we have two movies that are both near-perfect. I have to give it to the first, barely, because it has more memorable scenes and the evolution of Michael Corleone is just fascinating. Sitll love Part II though.

I'm not sure where they both ended up on my list, but I always liked the original Godfather film the most. Number two is also great, but lacks the wonderful structure. (Part III isn't even in the race. Weak, weak, weak.)

Either choice is great, but there is something more about Godfather II. I don't know if it is the two story lines or Michael and Fredo. I get goosebumps. "I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart!"

It's close, but i'll have to go with Part 2

The problem with this choice is that Part II couldn't be as amazing as it is without the amazing groundwork laid out in part I. That being said, I think Part II is the stronger movie with more interesting narrative.

Robert DeNiro playing Don Corleone as a young man in turn of the century New York. Michael finally sacrificing everything he held dear for the Mafia. The expansion into the past and future of the events of the first film. Fredo's fateful fishing trip and Kay's revelation about her miscarriage. I wish I could treat the Godfather films as a single entry (excluding Part III, of course) but I've gotta give it to Part II here.

Very tough decision, but having Brando, Caan and a much tighter storyline, I must go with Part I. Part II is easily a close 2nd though - great use of the dual Young Don/Michael narratives.

Aaaand there it is. I think the dual narratives, as in the novel (though the present day sequences of the novel are the entire first film) just barely tip Part II in my favor. But only just.

This is a terrible choice. I'd go with "The Godfather" because of Brando, but Pacino gives his best performance in "Part II" and then there's DeNiro... Yikes, both fabulous.

THE hardest decision on Flickchart. It's like asking what side of a dollar bill is worth more. So I'm opting to re-edit the movies. The end of The Godfather fades to black, the word "Intermission" appears on the screen for ten minutes while Nino Rota's score quietly plays, it fades to black again, and The Godfather Part II begins. This new movie is entitled "The Godfather: Extended Edition To Aid Avoiding the Choice of a Favorite Godfather Movie." I choose this one.

This is easy for me. The Godfather Part One is sooooooo much better. You have Brando's brilliant performance, and you have Pacino doing the best acting he's ever done. You have Sonny. Pacino has an arc that ends like a punch in the groin. That door closing. No competition. 2 is good. But flat.

Godfather Part 2, definitely. Part 1 is completely composed of classic scenes, and I really don't have any criticisms of it, but Part 2 is so much darker and more powerful. Pacino's best performance is in Part 2. The first movie puts you on the side of the family--the second shows you how evil that really is.

Part II feels much more dense and lush than Part I. Without going into specfics, II provides a greater sense of urgency and importance in the events of it. Part I is mostly exposition and establishment of characters and situations. while this is still a squeaker of a choice, i have to say that Part II has slightly more to offer.

I feel like both films speak to me in different, and equally powerful ways, but I gotta give it up to the original. It's truly a perfect film.

i like all of them, even 3. 1 is the best in my opinion

Part II had the background story, Robert De Niro, and the characters develop better. Part II is 2nd on my list and Part I is 3rd. So... what can I say...

One of the few sequels to improve upon the original.

Very close,but it has to be Part 2.It is just as compelling as 1,but with extras. The early days of Don Corleone as portrayed by a brilliant DeNiro in some of the greatest scenes in film history. Then to see the other characters develop from 1.Just brilliant.

So....Its finally come down to this. Part 1...against Part 2. I need some epic music for this choice. I think I shall play the song Requim for A Dream. (6 Minutes later). I have finally made my choice...The Godfather Part 2.

Part I, guys. Brando and Caan are more essential than DeNiro to this story, and although DeNiro's story within II is a treat to watch, it just feels so less.. satisfying than Michael's ascension into crime. and Micheal's story in II... No, It's gotta be Part I. Both are classics, and II showed that a sequel could build on an original, rather than just follow it, but I is the classic, the better story, the better performaces.

Although the sequel is arguably richer in terms of character and story, the original is perfection

hmmm, i just didnt like part 2 quite so much

I can't chose between these two. It's like asking me to pick an arm to gnaw off. I can't and i won't bloody do it.

Obviously both are great. I'd pick Part 1 if only for the more iconic scenes/images. Part II wins out in direction and structure but how can you compete with all the amazing scenes in the original? Sonny's death scene, the final montage, Brando's death scene, and of course the closing of the door on Kay at the end...cinema magic.

What would Solomon say? Old Testament vs. New Testament....but both make up THE BIBLE!


they each have something the other didn't but godfather 1 is better than part 2

Which child does a parent love more? How do you answer the unanswerable? So many things make each movie great. The darkness of the story, the parallel story lines of father and son, and depth of feeling in II push it into the slightest lead. Sorry Brando.

I love Michael's descent in Part II, but the original has a tighter story.

I loved the parallel story structure of "Part II." Although, I have to wonder...had the original not been so great, would I have cared about these characters enough to see it?

Not easy, but De Niro is over Brando

I don't quite understand why it is The Godfather, not The Godfather Part II, that gets all the attention. The Godfather was good, sure. But if either film comes anywhere near being worthy of called the best film of all time it is The Godfather Part II. The acting, the script, the direction. All fantastic. And I found it infinitely more memorable than the first.

Part I for sure. Brando's performance is by far the best of any in all three Godfathers - this alone would be enough to sway me. But you also have a better script, a fiercely fascinating performance by Caan, and a whole lot more memorable scenes (as others have pointed out). Furthermore, I found Part II to be well made, but ultimately underwhelming and predictable. Who didn't see the ending with Fredo coming about an hour before it happened? Also, what was up with DeNiro's Vito? His "rise to power" seemed profoundly easy and simple; kill boss -> become boss. And watching the entire dragged-out sequence of him killing the previous Don seemed like one giant non sequitur after the sequence where he convinced him to take less money. The whole time I kept expecting something surprising to happen, but no, it just took forever to get there.

to be honest i didn't think either were that special, but part II was a little less boring

DeNiro for me.

Not as impossible for me, but two outstanding films here. Always liked "The Godfather" more though, and I can't really tell you why, honestly, these two films are really similar. But Brando delivers some powerful, memorable scenes.

The match-up I've always looked forward to getting... and not an easy one to rate. But for my tastes I think I prefer Part 2 a little more b/c of the flashback story w/Bobby DeNiro. Also I like Pacino carrying the weight of main storyline.

Part II, although it is extremely close. Part I weaves a brilliant narrative filled with classic scenes and beautiful cinematography. The story of Michael Corleone's rise to becoming the most powerful crime lord around is epic and yet even at the end of the film we as the audience still feel for Michael and question wether or not we would have done the same thing. However, Part II is where the reality of the situation is really shown to the audience. It is here with the dual narrative which we see the completely different situations in which Michael and Vito rose to power and what they did with this power. At the end of Part II we understand everything Vito ever did was for his family and we discover that in the end, everything Michael did was for power and we then understand that we were wrong for ever questioning what Michael did at the end of the first movie because it was not for the reasons we thought.


Both are great films but The Godfather had a tighter narrative.

Part II, maybe because I had my expectations set it "it won't be as good as the first one was" and it blew that out of the water. DeNiro doesn't hurt either...

As much as I love the Godfather I think i'm going to pick part two here it's probably the single most amazing sequel I've ever seen.


madre mia...

Part I

Aaaaahhh nuts.

Definitely Part II

I went II on thios one, but it hurt. It's just that both story lines are so tight and perfect... Plus, "I know it was you" still sends chills up my spine.

Nah, part one has Brando in it. Gotta go with that.

Godfather I is too boring, Godfather II is much better.

This is it, the shitstopper. flickchart has finally done it. YOU MANIACS! i am split in half. well, actually it's 51% for the original, and 49% for part II. i don't know, marlon brando is there, and the horse is there.

I would go with DanCavaflick's version. If it were possible ;-) Great idea though. Anyways, Part II has been said to be "better" than the original. People compare DeNiro to Brando. I feel as a whole, the 1st displayed the barometers of what a great film should be. Besides, part II would not be a possibility without the perfection of part I. The Godfather had more memorable scenes/lines than the sensational sequel.

Godfather Part II. The first installment isn't as good as everyone else says in my opinion but it's still great, don't get me wrong. The second one is just much better.

De Niro as Don Corleone gets my vote.

ppl ppl pleae u are all wrong the godfather and the godfather part 2 is one movie if u read a book do u compare the first 10 chapers to the last 10 chapters it should be thought of as on whole movie part 1&2& yea im saying it even part 3 should be thouhgt of as one whole story and should not be broken up to be compared and let me just say this if the godfather 3 was just another movie and not the last godfather movie that had so much greatness b4 it the godfather 3 would have been a good movie but ppl exceptions were so high no matter what they got they would have been disappointed im not saying godfather part 3 was great or even that good but it was a decent movie and is better then ppl give it creddit for

In the first movie Al Pacino has taken my breath away but in the second one de Niro joined him. Sorry master Brando.

My two favorite movies, but I have to give it to The Godfather. Pacino is better in Pt. II, though.

Both are masterpieces.But c'mon,The Godfather had Brando's best performance ever.

I like them both equally as much. It's really tough.

Although Pt. II was one of the finest sequels ever made and broke a lot of records at the Oscars, you cant beat the original and seeing Michael Corleone losing his innocence in Pt.1

De Niro > Brando. Pt. II over Pt I

The Godfather Part II was amazing.

The Godfather 1 for sure.

part 1 most definetley, two made me fall a sleep.

I have part one ahead of 2 but they are equals. You cannot have one without the other, they are one film.

This is really an unfair pick. Seriously.

Both are flawless films and the two best ever, I would say Godfather 2 but not by much.

The two greatest films of all time, this is probably the hardest to pick from. I'm not sure..............................................................................................................I think..............Part II is a bit better, by just a hair.

same shit

The Godfather 2 feels too slow and disjointed compared to the original. The first movie had an incomparable atmosphere that cannot be matched.

I love the parallel Young Don/Michael storylines, but the first film is tighter. The first one wins by a close margin.

The Godfather: Part II is the better film but I enjoyed the first one more.

THE GODFATHER ALL THE WAY. The Godfather Part 2 was good but to boring and it tried to compare its sell to the first one. even though its a sequal, it cant even come close to the impact of the first. but the acting in aboth of the films is a solid 10

The original wins for me. I can always remember the first time watching Part II just didn't have the impact of the first...

The Godfather is the best movie that has been made by Earthlings and probably better than Aliens' movies. But, Part II is one of the best movies of all time(#3 of all time imho-just behind The Shawshank Redemption). Both of the movies have excellent story, directing, editing, music, cinematography... Only difference between these two is Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. Both of them played incredibly, but having the best actor ever makes The Godfather superior over Part II.

Part II just has to edge it for me. In the original, every scene was a classic. In Part II, the story takes a dark turn and shows the decline of Mike in a very realistic and heavy way. The addition of a flash back story with De Niro as Vito was a great aspect of the film. The last 40 minutes or so are just breathtaking. Part II is ranked #1 on my flick chart just ahead of the original in fact.

I am gonna go with Part I, II just didnt stay with me like original and Brando is perfect, i guess im not really a fan of those dark emotional movies like Godfather II. so yeah Godfather I wins.

I Like The Godfather Better Than The Godfather: Part II.

Damn, how can anyone choose between these two classics? The Godfather Part II is the more audacious film, but it also has a few more boring patches than its predecessor. Ultimately, I have to give the edge to The Godfather, simply because it's the movie I saw and fell in love with first.

The Godfather part II is a very good prequel but The Godfather will remain always better.

Part II is better and it holds up better on rewatches.

Godfather I = one of the greatest performance of all Time ( Marlon Brando) and it is the greatest movie ever made in my opinion

Al Pacino in Godfather 2 had the best performance in any mob film of all time.

Godfather: Part II is more rewatchable in my eyes. Al Pacino's evolution is much better and the story and performances are thicker (both are in my top 10).

Godfather 2 just for the performance of Al Pacino The choice is almost impossible to make, although the first one just nicks it for me.

Both films are like two peas in a pot when compared to gangster films. I'm sorry but there's no beating the original.

I don't understand but for some reason the Godfather Part II never appealed to me nor affected me the way the original did- Maybe it was Brando's finest performance and the fall of an innocent young man but the Godfather to me, is the better movie: Its so iconic, is so beautifully shot and has some of the greatest characters and most iconic moments in movie history. Part II does benefit from the fact that it does have 2 parallel storylines so that the story doesn't feel stretched but the Godfather does NOT at all feel stretched and for that reason (as well as a 100 others) is my 2nd favorite movie of all time! The Godfather Part II is more like my 90th

The sequel to the greatest trilogy of all time, stands tall here.

Godfather Part II, but only because it's longer so there's more Corleone to go around.

This is literally the hardest decision anybody ever has to make in their life. (Probably) I have to choose Part I but it's so difficult to say why. It has my favourite cast of any film, it has a superb script, it has style and substance, it's classy as hell and so beautiful. Part II is the most moving and fully realised character study in any film, the parallels between father and son work so well and Michael's anger looks so genuine. But I have to give it to I. I still don't know why...

The godfather by an inch

Both films have so many wonderful scenes, characters and quotable dialogue that it is almost impossible to pick one over the other. The Godfather has the ' I'll make him an offer he can't refuse' line but Godfather II has 'I knew it was you Fredo'. Godfather has Sonny's death scene but Godfather II has Vito killing Don Fanucci. It really is virtually impossible to choose one over the other. But I have to go for The Godfather since it has Marlon Brando and James Caan, not to mention the murders in the restaurant.

Both are in my top 10 favorite films. Here is my personal take: Main Characthers:The Godfather Part II Side Characters:The Godfather Composition:The Godfather Part II Imagery:The Godfather Story:The GodFather Part II. I like the sequel more because it adds to the orginal while still standing on it's own as a classic.

It is basically a tie for me. I have seen them each 8 times. The first 4 times I prefered the original, the next 3 times I prefered the sequel, on this last viewing I once again prefered the original, but it is damn close. I also would like to reserve the right to switch again.

Part I for me. Part II was a wonderful sequel though. It was as a great continuation of the story while it also served as an excellent prequel of sorts to the first film. It's two films in one, basically. As excellent as it was, how can you not go with Part I's classic imagery, cast of characters, Marlon Brando's performance and insanely memorable dialogue ("I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse", "Leave the gun, take the cannoli"). Not to say that Part II isn't a masterpiece, because it is, but the first one has much more "classic" and "iconic" written all over it, which also means it's the more memorable of the two. Does the sequel improve in some areas? I don't know. I loved the parts with Robert deNiro, so I guess that's something the original didn't have. But I do think the original is the more memorable and slightly better film.

it was a great continuation*

Both are great, but let's be honest, Godfather 2 did the impossible exceeded the original. Pacino's performance is truly chilling, and De Niro is amazing. The ending breaks my heart. Godfather 2 wins.

you cant really choose becuse the first part was film classic and changed the genre but the second part had a superb acting from de niro, pacino, and the most underrated actor of all time john cazale so i think you really cant its too hard

I'm going with Part I because I loved Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone and I thought it was better story wise. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro's performances were brilliant in Part II but I preferred Part I overall.

I think The Godfather II is better than I, but both are great movies

For now, it's the first one, but after I re-watch Part II, it might change.

Both films belong in anyone's top 100 films, but the original Godfather belongs in anyone's top 5. One of the greatest films ever created. There is not a single scene that isn't perfectly shot or acted.

I really respect the sequel but when it comes to franchise comparisons, for me the first it's really out of this world.

I love the De Niro scenes in II, but 1 gets the vote from me.


Honestly, every time I watch The Godfather Part I, I think it's the better of the two, and same thing happens when I watch The Godfather Part II. Well, I just watched Part II, so...!

Yeah, same thing happens with me. As of now though, I prefer The Godfather.

Tough, but if forced to choose I'll go with Part I because while Robert De Niro was really good, he's got nothing on Marlon Brando's Vito.

tough very tough but I think the godfather is slightly better than part 2

The Godfather, but both are in my top 10!

Godfather part 2 but its a tough choice its #17 while Godfather is #45 so I can say I do find the whole film of the Sequel more exciting and drama filled.

I love both,but getting to know all of the characters was more interesting.

Flickchart has made me an offer I can't refuse.

Both are legendary and amazing movies, however I think the first one is superior. Brando as Vito Corleone makes for one of the best movie characters of all time as well as James Caan as Sonny... too bad they both die in the first one! Even though Michael Corleone is also a well thought out character I'm not crazy about how he is developed in part 2 as he basically just argues and kills people. The Vito Corleone plot in part 2 is great but the story with Michael Corleone just doesn't match up to the greatness in the first one.

The first one

I enjoy both but I prefer the first installment.


As much as I love De Niro as young Vito... The first Godfather wins solely off of it's Baptism by Fire finale, which is something that Part II could never top for me.

I loved both of these films, they each stand on their own or together as one story, which is what makes these films so amazing. I think part 2 did an amazing job of veering off into the very dark story of Michael and his relationship with Fredo and what he ultimately does and how it ends up affecting all of the people around him that he loves very much. But the original for me had the more memorable moments. The scene at the restaurant, the incident with Sonny, Vito getting shot, the scene when they attempt to take him out at the hospital and the baptism. These all stood out to me so much and have left a lasting impression as a a film viewer. So the original film wins for me.

I'm going with The Godfather Part II

I loved the first, i LIKED the second.

I've watched both on the same day. Ok. For that, i didn't really cared for Part II. It's Godfather 2, so it has to being compared with Godfather: Part I. As The Godfather is a all-timer, Godfather 2 falls to be a sequel of it.

I'm going with the original Godfather. It's close though.

Baby Geniuses

Wow. This is hard. I'm going with THE GODFATHER because it isn't boring. I have to admit that THE GODFATHER, PART II had some boring parts.

I have contemplated this question for decades and watched them both many times but always go with part one.

The eternal question. A very hard choice, and definitely something I've had to reconsider after watching them back-to-back years after the first time. But I just can't shake Michael's expressions in Part II. Brando is a genius, but Pacino consumes that film brilliantly.

Going with part 1 for it's more potential of rewatchability than the second one.

The Godfather II is better, but i preffer the first.

Puffff!!!. It depends on my mood, I think the second one is more complex, psicholological and harsh but I love the first one, so my mind said G2 but my heart pick G1. Both are in my top 20 list, but number one is a bit ahead.

Part 1 has this grandiose operatic genius poetry in every scene. Part 2 has a more low key psychological genius, and from a technical standpoint I believe it exceeds the first. But I don't know. This is like picking between apples and oranges and then being brutally murdered because oranges were involved.

I liked Part 2 a little more, but they are probably the top 2 movies of all time.

I never asked which one was better because it had NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS! Part 1. Just barely. May change tomorrow.

part i, if only for brando, better focus, and that ending

A sequel that edges original greatness.

The Godfather Part 2 Is the best movie ever i pick al pacino better godfather than marlon brando ...

Marlon Brando is not on the level of Al pacino's perfomance and the ending scene of GODFATHER 2 is better, in my -opinion the godfather part 2 always im viewing the movie i feel more dinamic and great than the boring part 1 Godfather 2 Wins!

The Godfather 2 wins

The Godfather 2 is a bit better

For now I'll be saying the first film of the century because it is the only classic that be trust on sensational better effort of all time and the second part was okay but it has never been such my kind of film any directly and other wise Í always be perferring on the first installment on opposite way..

Both are great but the original godfather is the greatest film of all time imo so got to go with that

Godfather part 2 for me for darker and psychological tone

Don't get me wrong, The Godfather 2 is an AMAZING sequel. Arguably the best sequel ever made. But (as the case with many sequels), the original is better. I only have one problem with the sequel though, the seemingly random flashbacks the Vito's past and how he became the powerful mob boss he was in the original. I enjoyed them, they just seemed to have came out at random. I would have much preferred it if they used Vito's past as a prequel to replace The Godfather part 3.

Must go with the first.

Both are fantastic, but I gotta go with the 2nd one here

The Godfather Part II

Part II

The Godfather Part 2

The Godfather Part 2

I'm gonna have to comment alot of times

Part II was better Which is surprising

Part II by far

Part II is my number 1 In my flickchart

Part II wins easily (For me)









Al Pacino’s performance in Part II is maybe the best of his career, but the original is always better than the copy .. 1>2

'The Godfather' owns Brando as Corleone.

The first is always the real bomb master.

Michael is a jerk... Godfather One babyyyyyyyyy!

godfather 2 but both are one of the best films of all time

My #3 vs my #4 on my chart. It's so close, but I have to go with Part 1. Brando over De Niro.

Part II is more emotionally powerful, but Part I is more balanced.

IMO there's a significant difference in quality between the two films, and it's Part 2 by far: it adds De Niro (whose story is far more interesting than Michael Corleone's), and subtracts Brando and his annoying mumbling.

Two of the greatest films of all time, as I've had more respect and higher expectations for these films than any other film. This may change in time, but I'm inching closer to Part I than Part II, as I enjoyed the linear story of The Godfather more, though I will say that Part II was more thematic and maybe the greatest cinematic tragedy ever.


Brandon seals it for the win here.

Pacino did better than Daniro here, so The Godfather.

This is so so so so close by a couple of hairs most people would pick 1 but 2 is the superior film and involves the greatest hero to villain story in cinema history with Michael becoming the villain in 2. So it’s gotta be 2 for me.

The first is a more entertaining film that stuck with me more, but Part 2 is objectively the better film. It's edited better, shot better, the storytelling is both more challenging and handled to perfection by being both a prequel and a sequel, and its ending is just so crushing. So yeah, I'll go with The Godfather Part 2


Nothing can match the power of watching the original The Godfather for the first time. Marlon Brandon was magnificent and he seals the win here. Godfather Part 2 is the best sequel of all time.

The first is more memorable and has a more streamlined plot and better cinematography. But the second is near equal to it. I'll go with the first, tho

Hard choice, but I'd personally go with The Godfather Part II. Still, both would go in my top 10.

Part II is a really good movie, Part I is a masterpiece.

I highly disagree with this take. They're both masterful and basically perfect movies

The best duology ever made. Part I wins

I'm in the minority of film buffs in that I don't like Part II very much. All of the flashbacks to Vito's time are great, but everything in the 'Present Day' of the movie is too flawed for me to enjoy. The original wins easily, in my view.

The original is beyond nominal experiential of a true classic, and part 2 isn’t anything enough as further far superior as the original classic

I don't think you're giving Part 2 enough justice here. Part 2 is certainly the more complex film. It's more tragic. It has better acting. And it has one of, if not the greatest film soundtrack of all time. It has quite a lot going for it. I personally do prefer Part 1 hence why it's number 1 on my chart compared to Part 2's #4, and that's mainly because of how unforgettable it is by comparison. It has a better script, it's simple yet masterfully constructed, it's a more entertaining experience, and Michael's transformation is more engaging and better portrayed. Michael's transformation, dare I say it, may be the greatest character arc in movie history. It's something that storytellers should all look to for tips

Every movie on my top 5, if not outright top 10 could be placed at number 1 without too much contention (besides maybe Goodfellas). Even a movie like The Godfather Part 2, which is almost never on top 3 movies of all time lists could very possibly be called the greatest movie ever made, and it would make sense. I just prefer the first film a tad.

For now I’ll take the first one. This could change after I see them both again.

The godfather I (1972) is better in my opinion

The godfather part II is not as good as the first one but it dont suprise me because the godfather is the greatest movie ever.

Heh, never thought I'd stumble upon THIS showdown! Oh, wow. The Godfather Part I is outstanding, a titan of cinema. The Godfather Part II, however, feels near-perfect. There's something about its sprawling scope, texture, dual storylines, narrative depth, and so on and so forth that make it SING. For me, this is not a difficult decision to make. Just talking about The Godfather Part II makes me want to watch it again RIGHT NOW.

After seeing both Part I and II on the big screen, I have to say: the difference is very minimal to me, but despite the second one's reputation as one of the canonical sequels that trump their original™, I think I prefer the first Godfather by a hair's breadth.

Part II is slightly better, but I can't watch as much because I have no subtitles for the Italian scenes.

In My flickchart The Godfather 3° The Godfather Part II 13° The Godfather Part I Wins

Godfather 2 11° Godfather 1 3° Godfather 1 Win

In My Flickchart The Godfather Part II Is 11°, The Godfather Is 3°> The Godfather Win

The godfather part II was very close to beat the godfather but it didn't


The two greatest movies in history. Nothing beats the first godfather movie

In My New Flickchart, The Godfather Is 3°, The Godfather Part II Is 5°. For me The Godfather Is winner

In MY NEW NEW NEW Flickchart, The Godfather Is 3°, Part II Is 4°. The Godfather win Extreme Diff

Its a tie/draw. I cant shoose. Both are as good. What do you think? I cant choose. They are the two greatest movies in the history!