The Godfather Part II vs. GoodFellas



Goodfellas is great, but Godfather Part II is the best mob movie ever.

The Godfather Part II is the best picture ever made.

I love yah, Scorsese... but Coppola's Part II is an absolute masterpiece.


nice! GFII.

both are great but I go with godfather

Don't upset the rhythm...

Going with Goodfellas.The answer would have been different if The Godfather was in question.

Goodfellas is actually better than Pt II but it wouldn't beat the originial

Im going with The Goodfellas.

Goodfellas against Godfather 2. Part 2 wins.

Definitely going with GoodFellas.

I can't believe Part 2 is crushing here. It should be a close contest.

I regard the two Godfather films as one "saga" (as they were once edited as such on TV) and the opera of either film trumps Goodfellas for me.

There's no shame in losing to Godfather 2, most films do...

I'm agreeing with PiccoloKing here...Part II is amazing but its just so hard to imagine anyone else topping Brando's Don....He is the Godfather, he embodies it. He resembles a godfather, he is the Godfather. Part II may be the better film, IDK, but Goodfellas is much more entertaining to watch and I find it the better film.

The Godfather, Part II. Easy

It hurts to vote against a film as brilliant as Godfather 2, but GoodFellas is the best. Scorsese is the difference.

Part II. Two amazing mob movies.

im sorry to say but im going with goodfellas I need to revisit the godfather part 2

I cant choose..... Just gonna randomly pick one.

Top mafia for me is Godfather = Goodfellas > Godfather 2

Goodfellas is about a bunch of pissed off gangsters who make stupid decisions, especially Joe Pesci. Godfather II is a masterpiece and so much more.

Goodfellas is phenomenal, my 3rd favorite movie from my favorite director. I see the first 2 Godfather movies as the two parts of this perfect movie. Godfather Part II it is.

Goodfellas wins by a long shot

I've been stuck at this one for 3 days. I've watched both movies in the last 2 days for this one and I still cant make up my mind.

both are excellent films, but i don't especially like either of them. i'll take coppola

Goodfellas, despite its flaws, is a much better film than the second Godfather!

Goodfellas is more entertaining, but this time the godfather 2 is the greatest masterpiece of cinema and nothing touches my part 2


If push comes to shove I choose Goodfellas.

Goodfellas is the way better gangster film.

It’s absolutely unfair since goodfellas is one of the best classic films since godfather 2 doesn’t make any usual great to every great masterpiece film.

Goodfellas is far uniquely the best classic superior.

Godfather Part II is the better film, but I'm going with Goodfellas.

The Godfather Part II beats almost every movie on this site. GoodFellas, however, is one of the few that can take it down.

Allow me to break the tie. Part II wins, and fairly easily too. GoodFellas is good, but I prefer the characters and themes in Part II.

Changed my mind. GF2 ftw.

Godfather Part 2 was too slow and long for me personally, Goodfellas wins.