The Godfather Part II vs. Pulp Fiction



Nothing beats Pulp Fiction.

Except the Godfather part II.

The Godfather II is amazing. IT wins here.

Tarantino revolutionized cinema with the wit and freshness of Pulp Fiction but Pacino is absolutely unstoppable in Part II. Literally.

Going with the majority. Godfather II it is...

Dont get me wrong, Pulp Fiction is amazing, but this is the Godfather Part 2 we are talking about here

Godfather is better made.

In my opinion these are the top 2 gangster films of all time and both proudly sit in my top 10. Pulp Fiction barely wins it.

I'm gonna say Pulp Fiction. I have a tad less love for Part II, despite it being legendary. PF is something I fall in love with sooooooo much!!!!!!!!

The Godfather Part II beats Pulp Fiction in every department. Except for entertainment.

I feel that Pulp Fiction is the more original crime film here

You read the Bible, Michael? Well, there's this passage I got memorized.


Pulp Fiction wins baby! I'm Winston Wolf.I solve the problems.

One of the greatest sequels of all-time. Everyone knows of Godfather II, Empire strikes Back and Temple of Doom, but one of my favorite sequels is actually The Bells of St. Mary's, the sequel to Going My Way. Bing Crosby is the star of both, and they are beautiful films. Sorry to get sidetrack. Pulp Fiction wins in this head-to-head for me, but both of these films are in my top 100. Two of the most quoted films of all-time as well. Absolute Must-See films if anyone hasn't seen either.

the greatest sequel ever and top 10 greatest film ever I liked Part 2 more than the first but in the bloody and funny catagory Pulp is legendary a true contender but godfather wins

Godfather 2

Pulp Fiction is into my best all time of intersing good of my series on the top, The Godfather II it's all good but PF is my top 7

Part 2

Part 2

Godfather Part II is victorious at this moment. It wasn't an easy decision, but if I have to pick - which is the whole point on this site after all - then it is The Godfather Part II.

The one directed by quentin tarantino. Yeah pulp fiction edges out here

The one directed by quentin tarantino. Yeah pulp fiction edges out here

Pulp is a very great movie and amazing! ...but in this one Godfather 2 easily takes the win!


Hardly anything beats Pulp Fiction

never felt too warm toward the godfather (part i or ii), but i love pulp fiction

Pulp Fiction.

overall im taking the style and family dynamic of GF2

Pulp Fiction is the far instant greatest classic in history and it’s too unbeatable here.

The Godfather Part II is the superior film By far imo





Both are masterpieces and two of the best movies ever made. Pulp Fiction is more entertaining, and it's characters are a litte more interesting to me. It wins, barely.

The Godfather Part 2 pretty easily tbh. The dialogue carries more weight, it's better on a storytelling level by far, and on a technical level it's one of the best ever.