The Godfather Part II vs. The Conversation



Coppola's two 1974 nominees for Best Picture, a feat rarely achieved by one director. Though I know no one agrees with me, I believe the wrong Coppola film won. The Conversation evokes paranoia so deftly I felt short of breath by the brilliant, maddening end. And I daresay Gene Hackman was better here than Pacino or DeNiro were in Godfather Part II.

The Godfather Part II is masterful, without a doubt. But it's always seemed to me to be a film that looks better on paper than it actually is. The scenes feel intelligent in retrospect, but watching the film, I found myself disinterested. Gunfire in The Godfather felt explosive, but in Part II it just felt forced and flashy, the bloody prostitute and live sex show just felt unecessary, and the sequence where Corleone's assassin tries to finish off his job in the hospital in Cuba is truly dull. De Niro's sequences are by contrast all engrossing. Anyway, I'll just say The Conversation is a smaller film, and one with its share of hoaky suspense, but it's stuck with me and haunted me more than Part II. Also, Hackman gives one of my favorite all-time film performances. With some status-struck trepidation, The Conversation.

The Conversation isn't on that same level that Coppola's Godfather series offered. The entire story is just uneven and tedious, I felt annoyance, waiting for something interesting to happen throughout the film, Coppola just doesn't utilise his actors as good and some of them feel wasted. Apart from that watching Gene Hackman portrays his role pretty good, as a likeable bugger. But still, The Godfather Part II all the way on this one.

Hell, even The Godfather Part III is better than The Conversation.

Probably the best year for a director ever. The Conversation is very slow paced, but not boring. On the other hand, Godfather Part II is very entertaining from start to finish and the one that has a faster pace, even if it is 1 hour longer. Both absolute cinematic masterpieces, both feature some of the best leading performances in history, both are from one director, both came out in the same year. Coppola did an amazing, AMAZING job here. While I do love both very very much, Godfather Part II gets the nod for being the only one in my top 5.

Easily The Godfather.

The Godfather Part II might be the third best Coppola film.

To put things simply, The Academy made the right decision.

"The Conversation" was part fascinating, but also part tedious and boring for me. "The Godfather Part II" is a cinematic triumph in every regard.

I personally go here with The Conversation here. Phenomenal movie and Hackman's performance is one of THE greatest I have ever seen.

I really enjoyed both....but you know how this goes...