Blade Runner vs. Inception



uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!! that hurts

I didn't really get anything out of Blade Runner. Definintely Inception for me.

Oh man... both movies did things that had not yet been done in film. Inception had movies like the Matrix and various others that, in my opinion, influenced them. BR was truly original; I can't think of any movies that it borrowed from.

I find BR to be a little overrated. Inception wins for me.

Blade Runner is timeless.


Inception. It is more entertaining than Blade Runner and manages to keep the story intact in the process.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. [pause] Time to die.

Time to re-watch Blade Runner, so I can verify its position on my flickchart.

Another ultimate sci-fi matchup. Blade Runner prevails.

Can't pick against least not here.

blade runner

BR is great, but I should watch the other versions of it. For now, Inception definitely wins.

BR was enjoyable but not as good as inception

Inception is a masterpiece. BR is great but doesn't fully appeal to me...more like, it feels rather underwhelming in terms of character development. Both films are visually stunning but Inception takes it....Sure, even Inception has weaker supporting characters but it wins for me

Inception is nothing more than a good action flick.Literally Nothing more than that. BR is a timeless sci-fi masterpiece.

Inception is nothing more than a good action flick.Literally Nothing more than that. BR is a timeless sci-fi masterpiece.

Exactly! I couldn't have worded it better myself! I totally agree with NBAluke579, Blade Runner is much better!

Classic Sci-Fi vs. Soon-to-be Classic Sci-Fi.I like the newer one.

Need to re-watch both. Inception for now.

I could watch blade runner over and over again...don't get me wrong, inception is also rewatchable but blade runner reminded me why i love sci/fi movies...blade runner for me...

Even if Blade Runner is overrated, it's not as overrated as Inception. Anyway, BR is the better film.

Blade Runner..

Blade Runner by miles.

Motherfucker 10-10 so it's my decision to choose which one is better. Ok, before that, I have a really strong impression of this website: This is really bad. Genuinely. I can't find words to describe how terrible the AI is. You know what's the AI of this. The thing that decides that what your comment is saying: you think that this or that is the better film. Ok, that's clear. But the AI is so terrible (because I can't imagine that an actual human is doing that), that what you're saying, if you're saying Inception is better, it puts the fucking arrow to Blade Runner, if you're saying the opposite, it says the opposite.. OK, so which one is better? Well, in story, probably Inception wins but I'm going with Blade Runner in almost every other aspect. Okay, so, of course, the visuals are the first and most obvious thing of both, but I think Blade Runner preceded its age and in 2010, it's still better than Inception, in visuals and in atmosphere, those are probably the strongest aspects of BR. With of course, its philosophical values, the questions and the dark, still so brilliant existential themes. SPOILER PART: Aaand the ending monologue, which is, don't get me wrong, Inception's ending is iconic and a really good one, but Blade Runner's is one of the best and most beautiful in film history, and, again, Inception's dreidel end is a really huge twist on this at the very last moment and since then, it became probably the most iconic and memorable scene from the film and also one of the best movie endings in the new century, not because it has a huge twist, but still nothing special, but still incredibly important, as we knew before in the movie, we can know from our dreidel, that are we in a dream or reality. Cobb is really wanted to get back to his children, and at the end, he did that, but we still don't know he's in reality or not. Or not? We know? Well, the answer is yes, I'm not gonna tell you the reality, I'm just saying that watch the Michael Caine explanation video and then you'll know. Because of the importancy of the scene, it's probably the best and the most iconic of the film and that's why this film almost immediately got a cult classic status, getting tons of fans of it who are still analyzing that final scene.. but Blade Runner's ending is one of the most beautiful, surprising and iconic monologues ever and I have to go with it. In the end, however Inception is Nolan at the top and an absolute mindfuck masterpiece (about 9.3-4), Blade Runner is just simply one of the greatest films ever for a lot of reasons (about motherfu.. 9.6-7 or smth like that). My Winner: Blade Runner!