Blade Runner vs. The Empire Strikes Back



Oh god this is Hard

Some things one should not have to choose between.

I can't watch Empire without Jedi right after. Two perfect movies, but Blade Runner leaves me shaken and terrified every time I watch it, plus it stands on its own.

oh man this is almost impossible! I'm sure a good argument could be made in favor of Blade Runner, but I gotta go with Empire by a very narrow margin.

Harrison Ford acts above himself in The Empire Strikes Back. He still rubs me the wrong way, but there are moments where I don't hate him. Fleeting moments, but at least they exist. Can't say that any such moments exist in Blade Runner. At least not in the hour I was able to make it through before giving up.

These movies are good pair: great science fiction, and when I outgrew one, the other was waiting to be discovered. My current favorite is BLADE RUNNER, but I've seen EMPIRE many more times.

Pretty much the same thing Protozoid said. Ive seen Empire perhaps 20 times and Blade Runner just 3 (and a different freaking verision every damn time!), but Blade Runner is the superior of the two. much more thought provoking yet just as much fun.

Blade Runner wins.

this might be my hardest ever. Blade Runner because it's standalone and not part of a trilogy. i dont know if that's fair or not but i need something.

Hard choice, but Blade Runner wins in the end even if TESB is the greatest Star Wars film.

I grab something new from Blade Runner every time i watch it. Seen it more times, by now. It's not an exaggeration that it has shaped my way of thinking more so than Empire. Albeit, Empire has changed my way actual day to day crap. i have a bloody shelf full of Star Wars crap.

Blade Runner is terrific (no matter which version you watch), but Empire beats it; "I am your father" is still better than "Tears in rain"

Currently these are my number 1 and 2 films... I haven't seen blade runner in a while, But the scenery is still engraved in my head walking down the busy streets. However, I did just watch Empire Strikes back and boy does that movie hit home. Some memorable moments from meeting Yoda for the first time, to Hans Famous line and the twist in the entire Star Wars Trilogy. Its odd, 4 out of my top 5 movies have Harrison Ford in them... Im going to have to go with Empire I will probably change my mind later but for now Its Empire.

Empire Strikes Back wins anyday, Blade Runner sucks and it is also too exaggerated.

Blade Runner. I love the whole damn thing, but it could win based solely on the joy I get from watching the last 20 minutes or so. The chase, Batty's speech, the Gaff line, Deckard's little's perfect.

Blade Runner is great, but it isn't better than the greatest sci fi of all time which is The Empire Strikes Back.

My second and third favorite science fiction films of all time. Empire is the best Star Wars film, but Blade Runner wins.

Blade Runner, best sci-fi ever. Every great sci-fi movie has something to say about people, the world and ethics; Empire doesn't say anything except incestual kissing. Of course i love Empire and it's the best Starwars movie but Blade Runner is superior.

I take back what I said about Blade Runner not being the greatest Science Fiction film of all time, cause it is. But The Empire Strikes Back is a better film.

Both are excellent, but I'd probably choose Empire. I like Blade Runner, but I need more views in order to fully get to grips with it.

2 great sci-fi movies Both in my top 30 of all time Empire wins by 2 spots

I, too, need to see Blade Runner more times (and different versions) to get the full grasp of it. I'm choosing Empire for now.

Empire is surely the better film.

I've seen Blade Runner multiple times....still can't hang with Empire...

I love Blade Runner, but Empire Strikes Back is the only Star Wars film that I feel intense affection for, and so it wins.

Empire DEMOLISHES Blade Runner...

Incredible battle. Without looking at the voting, my guess is that Empire is leading the way, but I personally think Blade Runner holds up better today. Such a surreal atmosphere.


Blade Runner, one of the greatest films of all time, adapted from the best novel of all time. Empire is incredible, no doubt, but Blade Runner takes the cake here.

Both of these are in the top 5 sci-fi movies of all time for me. I will go with Blade Runner.

Empire Strikes Back.