Blade Runner vs. The Matrix



Blade Runner vs. The Matrix. A classic movie with shallow plot & characters yet with deep themes and art production, or a modern movie with philosophical depth and a richer plot. Which to choose?

I think that Blade Runner is a fine film, with fantastic atmosphere... but The Matrix absolutely floored me from so many different angles, from visuals, to action, to story... it's just unmatched in so many ways of compiling all the best elements of film into a single work.

I love both these flicks but one could make the argument that without the success and following of Blade Runner, The Matrix may have never been given a greenlight.

Both movies defined what SF movies could/should be for the respective decades in which they were released. For me, however, Blade Runner has the more staying power, the more timeless appeal.


As cool as The Matrix is it really doesn't leave me with the same feeling that Blade Runner does...

While i enjoyed The Matrix, the depth shown in Blade Runner is almost unmatched.

blade runner, the king of science fiction movies in my book. the matrix, groundbreaking for the time it was released, a classic that was hurt by not as epic sequels. my vote is blade runner without much trouble.

Blade Runner easily. This matchup borders on a joke. I got that initial rush from The Matrix as well; it is a revolutionary action movie. However, the score is glaringly bad in spots, the love story and savior-kiss are hokey, and - although the philosophy does hint at much greater depths - the movie itself does not plumb those depths as much as some seem to think. Blade Runner might be the closest approximation of pure, true sci-fi in mainstream cinema history, its score is one of the best ever composed, the production design is a marvel, Rutger Hauer is amazing, and its philosophies - although basic - are deeply affecting and universal.

This is a total coin toss. In a random trial of 1000 picks, I'd pick each 500 times.

The Matrix is a good film, but the fact that some people hold it (and the trilogy) in such high regards will forever remain a mystery to me. Blade Runner all the way.

Oh, please, you guys are really debating this? First of all... "The Matrix" IS "Blade Runner". Also, did you guys know that the Wachowskis were sued for stealing the story from someone else? And that they LOST said lawsuit? All that aside, "Blade Runner" is superior conceptually, is amazing cinema, a good popcorn genre movie, and has Harrison Ford as his most iconic. If this were a debate between Keanu Reeves and Harrison Ford, or Ridley Scott and the Wachowskis -- or Philip K. Dick and the Wachowskis, for that matter -- would you guys really debate this?

Unlike The Matrix Blade Runner pulls me in emotionally and Harrison Ford gives a great subtle performance. Both movies create detailed worlds to get lost in but I love the combination of rain and night in Blade Runner. Blade Runner's score by Vangelis is one of my all time favorites.

I'm sorry, I recently rewatched Blade Runner, and while I did enjoy it, and appreciated its subtext and dark undertones, The Matrix is simply a more coherant, better-made film.

I'm one of the ones who thinks Blade Runner is severely overrated. They needed five cuts to get it right? Seriously? I love me some Matrix though. Fantastic film, with great memorable visuals and a great script. It was tarnished a bit by some less-than-amazing sequels, but it still stands on it's own merits as a great action/sci-fi/etc flick.

Even after 27 years, Blade Runner is a groundbreaking film.

Even after 27 years, Blade Runner is a groundbreaking film.

the matrix could be the champ of sci-fi if it wasn't for the sequels. if blade runner had any bad sequels, we probaly wouldn't be having it in such high regards. a bad sequel can cost a great firsth part a lot. (somewhere, batman must be praying for a good ''third'').

Easily Blade Runner. While The Matrix may have sleeker action sequences Blade Runner has a stellar cast, breathtaking cinematography and a deep, philosophical undertone.

I don't really see a problem, "Blade Runner" wins hands down. Don't get me wrong though, I love "The Matrix".

Though Blade Runner is a great film, The Matrix just totally kicked my balls up into my the best possible sense.

How can 'The Matrix' even compare? The only interesting part of the filmmaking was their use of what is commonly called the "Bullet Time" effect but it was CGI based. The use of "Bullet Time" in 'Hard Boiled' is far more interesting. And their are so many horrible, illogical and asinine problems with the story of 'The Matrix' it's impossible to consider it great science fiction, it was just another stupid blockbuster. 'Blade Runner' will always be considered a classic.

Blade Runner has "a shallow plot & characters" and The Matrix "a richer plot and philosophical depth"? The Matrix is a digestible pastiche of superior works made all the poorer for its devolution into a generic us vs. them shoot 'em up. Blade Runner offers the most convincing fictional world ever exposed on film. It's like comparing an apple to the tree it fell from.

Blade Runner is dry and the Matrix challenges your existence while developing characters and changing the genre of action movies.

Blade Runner has too many flaws, and I couldn't get into or relate to any of the characters. The Matrix was everything it wanted to be and executed flawlessly with the acting, ambience, story, and special effects.

The Matrix is flawless? Jesus Fucking Christ give these people a clue. I guess you can't expect much when someone has never seen Rear Window, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Apocalypse Now and so on and so on. I'm so glad you "related" to Neo. That makes so much sense. This seriously blows my mind.

Bayamus is dead on, while the Matrix is alright, you can really relate to the machines in Runner.

Look... both of these are giants. Easy top ten material. Both changed science fiction film making in their respective times. But Blade Runner is better. Harrison Ford vs. Keanu Reeves.

The Matrix. Because I like it more.

I have to go with The Matrix here - a stunning film visually and philosophically.

The Matrix wins. Blade Runner was cutting edge. But it's also painfully boring. Matrix was able to break new ground and keep me entertained.

The Matrix wins for me, just. They're both 1 and 2 on my list anyway. The sequels to The Matrix don't exist!

Sushi Master: He say you blade runner. The Matrix is a great movie, but The Matrix next to Blade Runner is nothing.

OMG how much harder can you get? BOTH are EXCELLNT movies! This is the hardest decision I have made yet, but I'm going with Matrix just because of the graphics. Blade Runner is classic and I love it and against most movies I'd choose it hands down.

The Matrix is a fine piece of work - despite its awful sequels. Blade Runner however will always be a step above. Bullet time will never match the awesomeness that is Rutger Hauer giving shirtless speeches in the rain.

Between these two I have to say that Blade Runner is the better of the two. While the Matrix is an eye opener to what Spiceal effects can do, Blade Runner is a classic example of Neo-Noir. It has all the basic elements that make up a Noir film with a bit of futuriestics to go with it. It is definitly a must see movie for an film nut. Both are must see, but I say you go see Blade Runner first.

both are awesome but blade runner influenced all of sci fi, and it seems that the matrix just influenced jokes and spoofs

The Matrix edges out Blade Runner. The Matrix was great visually but also made us think deeper about what reality is. "Do not try to bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth... there is no spoon."

I'm sorry to say that I don't love either of these films as much as most movie lovers. I'd have to go with the MATRIX though: the central premise is much interesting for me. I actually used to consider whether reality could be a simulation long before the film came out. I know, I'm weird. BR is, for me, briliant visually, but uninvolving. I'd rather watch BRAZIL any day.


Blade Runner is so boring. Easy win for Matrix.

blade runner wins, more interesting plot and better acting

The Matrix definitely. Blade Runner was amazing for its time but it was also made at a time where sci fi movies were only a few years into the movie fold. The Matrix was made at a time where film fanatics and average movie goers alike were already accustomed to crazy special effects and fun, intelligent and fascinating sci fi and fantasy stories / movies. The Matrix redefined sci-fi story telling and special effects. It did for us at the end of the decade what Terminator 2 did back in the '91.

Seriously? I mean The Matrix is a cool movie with some great special effects, but come on. It's f**king Blade Runner.

"...made at a time where sci fi movies were only a few years into the movie fold." Ummmm, wtf? On of the first narrative films ever made was a sci-fi film, and there were plenty from then, so that is just utter BS!! As for which is better, Blade Runner, without any doubt. The Matrix is fun and looks pretty, but it's not as deep as most people think it is, it's characters aren't as rich, and instead of developing it's characters fully it degrades into typical shoot everything action type, plus it's just a live action anime, only made by Westerners, although in Japan it's been happening then longer than most of us were alive, so it's not too original either.

Blade Runner and The Matrix were both made out to be films whose vision would amaze. Only The Matrix succeeded in doing just that. Dare I say, I cannot name a film that bests The Matrix in the FX department. Not off the top of my head, at least. Blade Runner's vision fell flat for me, even as I tried to place it in the context of when it was made. Looking back, I can only bust a gut remembering my Science Fiction professor daring to say that, still, few films have yet to match its art direction. What I find funniest, however, is that Harrison Ford, an icon in the eyes of so many, not the often mocked Keanu Reeves, that looks amateurish. I do dare to say that not an actor in Blade Runner can match Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, nor any actor in The Matrix, for that matter. If this were his only film, Ridley Scott could go suck a fuck. However, it's not, and, thus, I'll take it for what I believe it to be, an anomaly.

As popular cinema goes, Blade Runner is a much more sophisticated take on some common themes in speculative fiction: personal/public identity, the nature of reality, rebellion, etc. So while I deeply admire the ground-breaking special effects of the Matrix, I'm not so foolish as to think that such superficial factors can completely deter from a number of glaring flaws in both plot and acting. If Blade Runner had the privileges of late-90's era production techniques we seriously wouldn't be having this discussion. Very close call... but Blade Runner takes it by a nose.

The Matrix was fun, but it's just a fairly brainless action movie. Blade Runner is my personal all time favourite movie, -a timeless classic with still unmatched visuals and art design, a wonderful film noir storyline, a perfect score, and a superb cast. It's brilliant, a masterpiece through and through.

Blade Runner wins big big big time over the Dark City rip off. Matrix had cool special effects for the time and all but story, acting, direction etc arent even close to Blade Runner.

Tough choice but Blade Runner has to get my vote.

The Matrix is better. This may have something to do with the fact that I saw it when I was young, and it was such an awesome groundbreaking movie! It has left a permenant impression on me.

They were both huge landmarks in technology. They both had incredible stories. Which one left a bigger impression on me? Ill have to go with the Matrix.

The Matrix was the first great, ground breaking sci-fi film in a while when it came out. It remains a film filled with cool elements and is so complex that explaining it adequately is nearly impossible in 2 minutes or less. Also, The Matrix was a watershed film both from a story and film-tech perspective. That said, Bladerunner far deeper (in spite of the pseudo-theology layers of the Matrix) and raises grand existential questions while remaining small and warm. This combined with Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer giving performance way out of whack with their respective career arcs (in a positive way) pushes Bladerunner well past The Matrix.

Blade runner started some of the stuff in scfi movies today and has a much better story therefore Blade runner is the better movie

Though the matrix is good it has more action scenes and faster paced some of their ideas probably came from Blade Runner. Blade Runner is a classic and influenced scfi movies today. Bladerunner is easily the best scfi movie ever made

I've seen Blade Runner about ten times now and I can say without a moments doubt that it kills The Matrix in every category that films can be compared. Like everyone who was 16 or 17 when it was released, I thought The Matrix was one of the best films ever., I really don't care about it. But Blade Runner? Every viewing is a different experience for me and that is something that cannot be said for very many movies.

The matrix might be a really good movie but Blade Runner is art.

Blade Runner. The Matrix had some intresting ideas in it, but Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies to think about, talk about(or, at least it would be if I had someone to talk about it with), and dissect. Plus, it has that "Tears in the rain" speech. That automatically gives it the upper hand.

This is apples vs. oranges. I love both movies but Blade Runner didn't knock me out of my seat the way Matrix did.

And today Blade Runner is the better movie.

Right now? Blade Runner, because I discovered I got tired from The Matrix. It was good, and I really enjoyed it, but right now I prefer Blade Runner.

Blade Runner, hands down. It's a more original (despite being based on a Phillip K. Dick story) movie, that without, modern sci-fi as we know it today wouldn't exist. The acting is perfect, the atmosphere is still influencing people, the characters are very interesting, and the special effects are amazing. The Matrix is good fun, but all it really is, is an Americanized live action anime, that never gets in depth with it's philosophies, and deludes into a predictable shoot 'em up at the end. Anyone that thinks otherwise is dead wrong.

The Matrix by a country fuckin mile. Blade Runner, while occasionally enjoyable, is a monumentally over-hyped movie. At its worst it's just Pinocchio 2.0.

Blade Runner. I just watched it for the first time two days ago, so I may be going off of the high I got from watching it. But I think if you ask me a year from now, I'll give you the same answer. The cast was perfect, Scott's directing was perfect, etc. Roy's going to go down with Agent Stansfield and Frank Booth as one of my favorite villains. I love The Matrix. It's a blast to watch. But it loses this one. Having said all that, I really didn't like elitist attitude I saw above in bayamus' post. People like what they like and people will argue and debate, but that was a bit much.

Blade Runner is a great film, and both films make me think about what reallity is. But most of the times, i'm in the kind of mood to watch the other elements The Matrix offers: fast paced, lots of action, cyberpunk elements and stunning visuals.

Blade Runner doesn't hold up- it looks goofy. The story is alright, but nowhere near as good as The Matrix.

Blade Runner and the Matrix both ask the same question: the meaning of humanity. One is in the guise of a Noir film the other in an action film. Both are amazing. Honestly, both these are cyberpunk movies. One is the first great one, the other the last great one. And few others in between to even speak of. I prefer Blade Runner though for one main reason. It has emotional depth. Both films look great, no doubt about it. Harrison Ford is right on, and Keanu was born for his role as Neo. Nothing before or after will define his career like that. Both have philosophical depth and ask probing questions. But again, the emotional depth of Blade Runner is just...more so.

okay why have they done this!?! This was a very difficult decision.

Harrison Ford versus Keanu Reeves and a black guy with sunglasees and some skinny woman. Real tough choice.

Blade Runner, more re-watchable. both in my top 10.


The Matrix will be forever damaged by only being 1/3rd of the story. Had part's 2 and 3 matched up then maybe it could be spoken about in the same terms as Blade Runner, which is the ultimate sci-fi masterpiece.

The official lamest movie ever: The Matrix. Not the worst, just the lamest. It's just a bunch of laughable cliches, painful dialogue, and 'meh' action with a completely generic plot of "the chosen one" and the dystopian future that has been done a thousand times before and a thousand times since. I actually like Keanu Reeves, but it was bad. Blade Runner was dull, but at least interesting and unique.


The Matrix is the film I keep going back to. I love it.

While Blade Runner is older, and far more influential and important to cinema, I still think The Matrix is the better film.

If you compare The Matrix to the original cut of Blade Runner i would say The Matrix. But that cut was not Ridley Scott's vision of the movie. If you watch "The Final Cut", released in 2007, You will see a much darker, chilling film that in my opinion, blows The Matrix out of the water.

Matrix for me. I just can't into Blade Runner after multiple attempts. I'll go with The Matrix....

I didn't like the matrix that much. Blade Runner is a timeless classic. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

They're both good for what they are, but I'm not really a big fan of science fiction. I think I'll have to choose The Matrix.

As immersive as The Matrix is, it doesn't quite inhabit it's world as Runner does. Even though BR looks asthetically convoluted really, its visuals serve to toy with our understanding of the "future" (even though this movie is almost 30 years old) while at the same time become timeless. How long has man dreamed of making flying cars, really? I'm sure many people will debate whether 'replicant' is more widely known than 'agent,' but the point is, without Blade Runner, the audience for Matrix 30 years later shrinks that much more.

look i like blade runner i do but i dont think its as good as the matrix think about the matrix just the original the first time u saw it and forget there were even 2 sequels the matrix is an easy win its not even realy close blade runner was good but i dont think it held up as well as the matrix has and will in the comming years when i think about blade runner i think wow that was great i cant belive they did that in 1982 when i see the matrix its just wow that was great and i cant belive how deep it is

I don't think the characters in Blade Runner were at all shallow, they all had unique motivations and felt very real. And the plot of The Matrix is not much deeper than Blade Runners; they were both based on very old storyline notions. Blade Runner is definitely better.

Too many versions of Blade Runner. They got The Matrix right the first time.

There is no competition here, Blade Runner all the way. A film that stands it's ground even today while The Matrix gave us nothing more than a ugly trend in trench coats and sunglasses.

A competition, yes, but not a difficult one. Blade Runner is an analysis of humanity, of what truly makes us human and how scary it must be to know that you are not in control of your life. The Matrix is interesting and well thought out, but can't contend with Scott's masterpiece.

A friend and I came up with a very, very close approximation to the story of Matrix months before either of us heard anything about it, and then BAM, it happened, we watched it, we loved it. Absolutely amazing. Which is why I vote for Blade Runner right now.

The Matrix is a better film overall, Blade Runner just had a good metaphor but at least The Matrix packed it

I'd vote the Matrix on this one. I love both of these movies, but I am of the mind that The Matrix suffered from bad sequel syndrome. I remember thinking that the Matrix Trilogy was going to be the next Star Wars...that cool and that popular. Too bad the sequels were garbage. It really detracts from the first. But if you pretend this either movies don't exist and just watch the Matrix for what it is...then the Matrix is one of the best movies ever made. Innovative effects which changed the face of cinema, story that blew me away, and so many classic scene of awesomeness that I was left in awe. Matrix is an awesome movie. Blade runner is a classic...but Blade runner is not as entertaining (to me at least) as the Matrix.

@UnixGameRocker Bet you a buck your friend, like many, read The Rebuplic (specifically The Allegory of the Cave) first.

Both films that were revolutionary for their time. I'm going with Blade Runner.

This is a great Sci-Fi matchup! If we were going solely on visuals, music, and atmosphere Bladerunner would take the cake. Unfortunately Bladerunner sported a boring story, lame dialogue, uninteresting characters and uneven pacing that slows the film down too much. The Matrix on the other hand delivered to theatre going audiences an experience so unique that it challenged the way we view our perceptions of reality. Never has my mind been blown the way it was when Neo first exited the Matrix. Of course the subsequent films in the series while attempting a "bigger and better" approach ended up killing the magic. But the fact remains that The Matrix blew my mind in a good way unlike "Inception", which simply confused me. "I already don't get my own dreams and now you want me understand the dreams of others? You trippin."

Blade Runner didn't really blow me away, but it did have really good visuals and cool action scenes. The Matrix wins

Blade Runner by a landslide, it's the greatest movie of all time, The Matrix has not aged well but is still good

i meant greatest sci-fi movie not movie in general sorry for the double post

Blade Runner is my favorite film of all time. The Matrix is higly overrated in my opinion and while i still enjoy it, i think it aged considerably while Blade Runner stays fresh, and i dont really enjoy the action in the matrix, to much slowmo... thats just my opinion though, think what you will

Blade Runner is my favorite film of all time. The Matrix is higly overrated in my opinion and while i still enjoy it, i think it aged considerably while Blade Runner stays fresh, and i dont really enjoy the action in the matrix, to much slowmo... thats just my opinion though, think what you will

Blade Runner is my favorite film of all time. The Matrix is higly overrated in my opinion and while i still enjoy it, i think it aged considerably while Blade Runner stays fresh, and i dont really enjoy the action in the matrix, to much slowmo... thats just my opinion though, think what you will

Blade Runner is a very good film, but come on its The Matrix my 10th favorite film of all-time. Both had deep thematic content but the was just better.

Yeah, this one isn't close at all. The Matrix crushes...

Blade Runner by a country mile. (Whatever that is. I guess that's a thing, right?) I dunno. By the time The Matrix got huge and CGI had taken over, action movies started feeling sterile and dead to me. It's just not like the old days. And I don't think an American movie taking a ton of influence from Hong Kong cinema is some kind of crime that automatically renders it derivative crap, but man, I really would rather watch where it all came from. Or Blade Runner.

Blade Runner is a classic, much better than The Matrix.

Blade Runner is a classic, much better than The Matrix.

The first time i watched Blade Runner it kinda bored me and i was kinda young. The first time i watched The Matrix i thought it was the best thing i had seen and i was still young. Since then every time I've watched Blade Runner, the movie has gotten better and now i struggle to sit through The Matrix. I feel like the visual direction in Blade Runner was much better. The lead actor was better and i like the story and themes more so Blade Runner wins this one IMO.

The Matrix...and it's not even close

Matrix is such a cliche, a hacker set in a universe where memories cannot be trusted. Blade Runner is a neo-noir classic set in the 80's vision of a japanese dominated future. The melancholy tone leaves a distinctive impact.

I'll go for The Matrix, it's a bigger part of me and has stuck around for a long time. The action is awesome and all around the film is stellar.

The Matrix crushes Blade Runner

I don't know about "crushes", but while Blade Runner is a solid Sci-Fi, I recon I need to watch it more times in order to fully appreciated it. Both are intelligently written and thought-provoking, delving into the realms of tech-noir. Blade Runner definitely has better performances (although Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving both deliver the best performances in The Matrix and definitely have the best monologues The Matrix has to offer, neither compare to Rutger Hauer's "Tears in Rain" monologue at the end of Blade Runner, which is a truly beautiful piece of writing), but while Blade Runner is a slow-burning, cerebral film, The Matrix is one of the best examples of a film which manages to get a perfect balance between innovative filmmaking, interesting themes/philosophy/symbolism and sheer mind-blowing entertainment. I'd have to be in a certain mood to watch Blade Runner, but The Matrix is one of my favourite films of all time, so it is the clear winner in this match-up (but I have to emphasise that this is not a slight against Blade Runner in the least).

I didn't see Blade Runner until this year, and maybe that is why I wasn't floored by it. I think so many sci fi movies have used elements of the film it left nothing interesting for me when I did see it. However I saw the Matrix when it first came out, and it did floor me.

Blade runner got old , Matrix did not

blade runner was good, but the original matrix is my all time favorite. It is this out of the box thinking that more sci fi flicks need to be using. Sure nowadays everyone has that crazy thought in the back of their heads what if this is all just a dream or a computer program. When this first came out though the theory was not even close to mainstream and it blew a lot of peoples minds. I will say if you like the matrix you should definitely check out the thirteenth floor if you havent already. Came out a couple months after the matrix and it was hugely overshadowed and didn't really get the exposure it deserved in my opinion.

The matrix wins this battle

both re good but blade runner moves a little to slow.The Matrix wins.

I was completely blind sided by how amazing Blade Runner was, The Matrix to me is a bit overrated.

The Matrix is legendary.

Blade Runner is a masterpiece

Both excellent sci-fi movies with fascinating ideas. My choice is The Matrix

Blade Runner is amazing, the Matrix is perhaps the most overrated Sci Fi film ever made.

I laughed so hard when I saw this. Blade Runner is just so much better. The Matrix is the most overrated film of the 90s. It's sad when a film 17 years older than you holds up better.



Blade Runner is much better although I love The Matrix as well. Both are amazing philosophical sci-fi films.

Just ask yourself, what is the more entertaining film? Matrix

The Matrix is the far superior film because it tells a much stronger story through the use of technology and science fiction to relay messages about the way our society lives and what we are becoming. I believe Blade Runner is overrated simply because it has a simple message in what comes across as a complex film and therefore people admire it too much. I actually think it's message is simple because the storytelling is simple. The potential was there to make a great film, and instead, it was very average compared to other great films.

I can see why people would say BR, but I prefer The Matrix


The Matrix (the first one only) is bad-ass and somewhat though-provoking and holds up remarkably well. However Blade Runner is not only my favorite science fiction movie, it also one of my favorite movies of all time. The "tears in the rain" scene moves me in a way that nothing in The Matrix does. The Matrix would beat most things, but not Blade Runner.

Incredible matchup for me! Both are very though-provoking movies. Blade Runner causes you to think in more subtle ways while Matrix is just in-your-face. Matrix has a more fascinating concept while Blade Runner has a richer story. This is really tough and I could really go back and forth on them. I'm stumped.

Blade Runner wins. The Matrix is great, but I definitely prefer Blade Runner.

I don't really get the mass appeal of Blade Runner. It sure does look nice, and it's definitely a well made film, but the acting isn't noteworthy and just because it's slow doesn't mean it's "deep". And Harrison Ford looked bored, man. You can respond to me by saying "uh-huh well uh you like that dumb wannabe philosophical action film", and, eh, yeah, that's true. I don't think The Matrix is all that deep either, but it's certainly more enjoyable to watch. Which is what counts for me.

Blade Runner but The Matrix it's good

Why would they make humanoid robots if they die early? Blade Runner is definitley the better film as it has a much better plot despite people thinking The Matrix is the most original thing ever... Blade Runner has deeper themes and better acting. The Matrix is for a list of your favorites whilst Blade Runner is for your list of the BEST.

I recently re-watched both of these, and I'm leaning toward Blade Runner. BR's story is good but its themes are what propels it in this matchup. Particularly, what makes us human? Intelligence? Memories? Feelings? Freewill? Truly a thought-provoking experience.

love the visuals and Alice in Wonderland bits in Matrix but the gritty style of the scifi masterpiece that is Blade Runner takes this

The Matrix is the complete sci-fi package. Fun and though-provoking. I love Blade Runner and all, but The Matrix is simply the better film in the genre.

blade runner

The Matrix wins this for me for while Blade Runner has great visuals, ultimately its slow pace and that boring romance scene drag the film down. The Matrix wins for superior style and lots of action.

This is so obvious for Blade runner. I love The Matrix but it gets its style from Blade runner and it has only one major theme in it unlike Blade runner which has so many themes, is more entertaining and the visuals and music are way better and it's way way more analyzable film and Blade runner is art unlike The Matrix which is more of an entertainmen t mainstream movie.

Is it a mainstream phenomenon that mainstream has become a filthy word?

I like the matrix more but i've only seen blade runner once and i need to rewatch it

Matrix for superior action and faster pacing

Matrix for superior action and faster pacing

Nostalgia Critic: The Matrix review, a lot of good points, go watch it.

'The Matrix' was pure action and 'Blade Runner' was pure art but i am a 90's kid so i am goin with THE MATRIX B)

Blade Runner is probably the better film but The Matrix is one of the best action films of all time and also one of the most fun.

Blade Runner has great messages but overall it isn't a great film. The story is disjointed and the characters are very bland. The film doesn't work because Ridley Scott tries to make us care about the characters but it doesn't work because they're so weak. Harrison Ford's character has a compelling mystery to him but there's nothing else there. There's a few scenes that could've only worked if there's a lot of tension and buildup but instead it's very half-assed. The effects are still stunning, though... but Matrix is just a dated mess with poor characters, a generic story and no important messages to it that makes it still a fine and watchable experience like BR!

Blade Runner suffers by Ridley Scott not bothering to read the book. If he had it might have had my vote.

Blade Runner is much sensational better cyberpunk good standard than rather as the matrix is just out doing with crap dumb action computer style flick...

I was always surprised how Hollywood could release an enlightening, consciousness-expanding work of art like The Matrix. Then I realized that the good people guiding the resistance in the movie live in "Zion," which is the real world that the Matrix is hell-bent on destroying. The irony is sick and cruel. Blade Runner wins for not having ham-fisted Jewish symbolism.

Blade Runner is much preeminent, Matrix is not that simple.

Blade Runner is that far supreme here, Matrix is far most inferior every way..

Blade Runner was just a little before my time so I'm sure that plays a part, but the Matrix is my all time favorite for a reason; it manages to mix Sci-Fi, Action, Dystopia, and Martial Arts (three of my favorite movie genres) in such a way that I can still watch and enjoy this movie everytime I see it. I saw for the first time when I was just beginning to reach the age of reason and computers and the internet were just starting to peak though so the idea of reality not being what it seemed and the possibility that we are living in a simulation really blew my stuck with me so even a great movie like Blade Runner can't compete.


The Matrix is the adrenaline rush science fiction film that is hard to beat.

Blade Runner close call

Blade Runner doesn’t have no special modern conclusion but as the matrix is an crappy forgettable of a none modern great action film but ridiculous beyond acting and action l but mostly dumb cartoonish of a movie.

Blade Runner all day every day. Better story, more interesting characters, the soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful and the practical visuals still hold up to this day. Did I forget the infamous tears in the rain speech given at the end? R.I.P. Rutger Hauer.

The Matrix is better A really deep movie

Blade Runner is significantly, obviously better LOL. Only nerds or children with low attention span would say that the Matrix is ??a better film.

matrix but i liked BR too


After all these years I still prefer The Matrix.

Blade Runner was better directed but The Matrix was more ambitious. I suppose I would give the edge to Blade Runner.

The Matrix obviously. Blade Runner is one of the most overrated movies of all time.

The matrix would not have happened without blade runner. That pretty much says it

Probably the best cyberpunk movies. The Matrix was probably more hyped and more stylish, but Blade runner was a darker, more complex movie with an amazing set design. I understand why people would choose The Matrix but blade runner is my pick