Aguirre: The Wrath of God vs. Fitzcarraldo



Aguirre wins, but only because his boat has more monkeys on it.

I feel like Fitz is metaphorically about the process of making Aguirre, and in the telling it outdoes it.

I need to re-watch Fitzcarraldo. When I saw it on TCM it was shown with Closed Captioning instead of just subtitles, which made it a little strange. That being said I still probably liked it a little better than Aguirre.

Two awesome films from the Herzog catalog. It shows the drive of their obsessive protagonists as they risk everything -- in Fitzcarraldo's case, logistics -- to attain their goal. The camerawork is legendary and a byproduct of a quality Herzog classic. Aguirre gets the edge for the way it plunges its story into despair.