GoldenEye vs. On Her Majesty's Secret Service



Lazenby's Bond was really not too bad. But I like GoldenEye more.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the best Bond films in my opinion.

You must be joking. Best vs. Worst right here.

Majesty's Secret Service was good a fun film it cant beat GoldenEye but its not the worst that would be Die another Day.

@Blackmist - What the hell are you talking about?! Both of these are legit contenders for Best Bond Movie and neither is even in the running for Worst! I'll always be partial to GOLDENEYE for being my first Bond movie in a theater, but otherwise these two are pretty evenly matched.

two of the best. goldeneye gets it!

OHMSS wasn’t a good Bond film. Goldeneye is a GREAT Bond film.

@Travis- I think OHMSS gets too much credit just because of the story point of Bond getting married and then her getting killed. Excellent story point yes but the execution of the film overall was bad. The action was lackluster compared top previous outings, Lazenby is the worst Bond, Telly Savalas is the least imposing Blofeld. The only things I really like about this movie was Diana Rigg who was indeed charming and the score.

Since On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a contender for the best and Goldeneye is a deeply average entry then this is not contest...

yeah on her majesty's secret service is the best bond flick. vote changed.