The Return of Jafar vs. Aladdin and the King of Thieves



As far as Disney's straight-to-video sequels go, "Return of Jafar" ain't bad. "King of Thieves," however, is probably only on par with episodes from the TV-series.

Hm. I actually preferred King of Thieves. Maybe it was solely because Robin Williams was back.

With twpk117 on this. Not a fan of the threequel; too much moralising daddy-son, character backstory bollocks. As much as I adore Robin Williams' Genine, there really wasn't much for him to do in King of Thieves. So it goes Aladdin - Return of Jafar - Series - King of Thieves. (Of course I haven't seen either of the sequels in many years so my recollection of them is a little blurry.)

King of Thieves for me, but both are criminally underrated.