Frozen vs. Tangled



on 2/14/2014

Definitely Frozen

on 2/23/2014

Definitely Tangled. The horse alone is better than all of Frozen (which I liked)

on 2/24/2014

I have to give it to Tangled. So close though. Both are at the top of their respective years for me. I have grown to love Tangled though after 4 viewing more and more. Maybe Frozen will too.

on 3/19/2014

Tangled is better, has a more gripping "evil" character, a better non talking sidekick, and a much better collection of songs.

on 4/2/2014

Frozen crushes Tangled

on 4/7/2014

Have to go with Frozen. Tangled had far too much of the new spastic personality of these CGI Disney films that I really dislike, and it just came out of nowhere with it. Frozen toned back the spaz factor, the characters were more likable, and the songs were better overall than in Tangled. Still, I wish Disney would rethink this new direction they're taking. The best CGI film they make now is still far from the Disney Renaissance films of old.

on 7/12/2014


on 11/21/2014

Going to go with Frozen on this one. Loved Rapunzel, but she was a tad bit annoying at times. Then again, so was Anna, but Elsa was frosty.

on 11/23/2014

Frozen is good but not as good as Tanlgled in my opinion!

on 8/12/2016

Ice and snow beat bare feet any day!

on 1/20/2017

You gotta be kidding me!

on 3/1/2017

Frozen and Tangled are both overrated Disney films.

on 3/1/2017

I gotta do a slight lean to Tangled...

on 4/22/2019

I fuckin' love Tangled Flynn is such a great character. Rapunzel too. Frozen was good up until the twist