Frozen vs. Enchanted



both VERY VERY good Disney films with great songs! I love enchanted how it goes from animation to live action but Frozen was a realy Disney throwback and it has to have my vote

Frozen was far better. I liked Enchanted but I already saw that movie when Will Ferrell did it in 2003, dressed as an Elf.

Aside from being a fish out of water story in New York, I have no clue how Enchanted is like Elf. In that case Crocodile Dundee, Coming to America and Jungle 2 Jungle are also all the same movie as Enchanted. Anyway, I have no clue on this comparison. I love them both.

Enchanted is fun, but the songs and thematic elements are so much stronger in Frozen.

Frozen is the easy winner! not a close one at all!

I find both disappointing. Not my cup of tea I guess.


Frozen is the easy winner here!