Frozen vs. Wreck-It Ralph



on 11/30/2013

really liked Wreck-It Ralph wished they didn't spend as much time in the candy racer game but all around great story. Loved Frozen thought when they said it was the best thing since lion king i thought they were full of it and they were slightly off its really only the best thing since Tarzan but still really frekin good.

on 12/2/2013

I strongly disagree with the popular opinion that Frozen is like a Disney Renaissance film. It has some Disney Renaissance elements, but it has much more in common with, say, Tangled. However, I really did enjoy Frozen a lot. It was tons of fun, great songs (despite the pop vibe), and it's actually really moving. But, Wreck-It Ralph, at least to me, is much more funny, has better animation, and it's nearly as touching. On the whole, I love both these films, but Wreck-It Ralph wins it for me.

on 12/4/2013

Wreck-It Ralph by a ton. I found Frozen's music to be largely forgettable and contrived, more along the lines of beauty and the Beast, which, contrary to popular opinion, is not a compliment. Similar to almost all of new wave Disney, Frozen works way, way too hard to reverse traditional gender roles. Male characters almost have to be buffoons, despite their intentions to be a hero or protector, so that the self-reliant female can exert her independence and save herself. The pendulum has swung entirely too far in the hyper-feminist movement, and Disney has only helped it. Worst, the trailers did nothing to warn me of this estrogen fest, not that I wouldn't have gone to see it with my family, but I could have at least tempered my expectations.

on 12/4/2013

Even if this were just the "Let It Go" number from Frozen against Wreck-It Ralph, I'd still give Frozen the win. Frozen, to me, is like Brave's rougher-around-the-edges little sister. Both are just so warm and welcoming, with the families they present so real. Wreck-It Ralph has some of that warmth at times, but I felt it was far overshadowed by everything else, and I agree that too much time was spent in Candy Crush. Frozen it is.

on 12/24/2013

I don't think this is even close. It's Wreck-It Ralph, and how could it not be?! In Frozen, the songs aren't particularly memorable (with the exception of Let it Go, which, in spite of being a good song, feels so out of place, it's hard to enjoy), the jokes aren't very funny (though, again, there are some funny lines) and the story thoroughly cliche and predictable (with the exception of that one twist, which I was most definitely not expecting!). Wreck-it Ralph is the exact opposite, being an emotionally touching, frequently very funny, and all around wonderful movie. Ralph easily wins this one.

on 12/29/2013

I also don't think it is even close, but Frozen is the winner. Wreck-It Ralph was ruined by getting stuck in the racing world. The racing world was how I felt about most of the movie. Very childish. A main character was even an annoying little girl. It started with a great concept and ruined it. I found Frozen stayed true to itself. I don't know how the last review said it could be cliche. The whole movie kept going down the road of cliche and then would detour over and over. It was great.

on 1/11/2014

This is as close as they come. I could't help but love both of these. Wreck-It Ralph was fantastic, but it was also brought down slightly by some of the more childish elements. Frozen didn't have that problem, but it still lacked much of Wreck-It Ralph's originality. It's super close, but I think, at the moment, I have to go with Ralph. But then again, I could easily go the other way tomorrow.

on 1/11/2014

These two go along just perfectly, and give me a reason to go see non-Pixar Disney animated films. (Along with Tangled.) If I HAD to pick one, while I loved the main character and her sidekicks in Frozen, I'd pick Wreck It Ralf!

on 1/11/2014

Frozen was fine, but Wreck it Ralph was much better in my opinion.

on 1/19/2014

I will never, ever understand the love for Wreck-It Ralph on this site. It just felt like a retread of Monsters Inc to me, with less heart and innovation. Frozen, on the other hand, combines the sense of wonder found in the very first Disney Renaissance films with the freshness and zaniness of the studio's last "princess" movie, Tangled.

on 2/23/2014

Frozen, it had more going for it, I think.

on 3/19/2014

Wreck it Ralph was much better than Frozen. It was more hilarious and more heartwarming. Frozen did have better songs, but that is about all.

on 3/19/2014

Wreck it Ralph easy

on 3/28/2014

Frozen was very good, but a couple songs felt a bit forced and it got pretty predictable toward the end. Wreck-It Ralph was more unique and innovative, funnier and more touching, and had the overall better quality.

on 4/7/2014

Going with Wreck-It Ralph. Despite the fact that it is more relatable to me than Frozen is, both Frozen and Tangled have been slowly introducing this new spastic personality in Disney films that I really dislike. While Frozen is a more controlled and sane version of it than Tangled was, it still doesn't hold a candle to Ralph.

on 7/17/2014


on 7/17/2014


on 8/8/2014

wreck-it ralph of course has a better villain and more believable romance. However, I just feel Frozen had better songs that suited it more, and although Frozen's sadness could not match up to Wreck-it's saddest moments, and even though Wreck-it hold title for better soundtrack, Frozen simply has much more heart and soul to it. Good try tho, wreck-it ralph. Good try.

on 9/16/2014

Frozen. Wreck-It was a bit of a let down for me...

on 11/17/2014

I liked Wreck it Ralph better, Frozen kinda suffers from it being a princess movie and having to fit into some of those tropes. I say "suffer" loosely because both movies are pretty great.

on 11/17/2014

Wreck-It Ralph is a FUCKTON better than Frozen. Frozen was good up until Hans says no one will love you, and it pissed me off that twist i hated it. Frozen is so fucking overrated. Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and Big Hero 6 are all better than FROZEN. I liked frozen and glad it won best animated picture, it deserved it but the twist was too forced and it ruined anything the movie had going for it for me. Frozen 4 outta 5 stars. Wreck-It Ralph 5 stars.

on 11/22/2014

Give me some Frozen.

on 12/6/2014

I changed my mind. Frozen seems to be good but passes by in a flash. In contrast, wreck-it-ralph sets it up casually (at first) and well enough for the later emotional impacts--the cart breaking, the ultimate twist, and finally the Bad Guy Motto (second time). It was really dark and well-executed, and a little better than Frozen IMO.

on 10/6/2015

Frozen sucked big time. Wreck it ralph easily

on 8/12/2016

Frozen wins.

on 9/18/2016

Wreck-It Ralph for more color, world-building, and action

on 1/26/2017

I say Wreck-It Ralph because I connected more with the characters motivations from the beginning. You can really relate to both Ralph and Vanellope because they are flawed. I don't see that in Frozen. Also the stakes are greater in WIR, while Frozen was formulaic, song after melodramatic song. Why does she close herself off to her sister for so long? What is she made of ice?

on 10/16/2018

Wreck-It Ralph for the win! Not a huge fan of Frozen! Just thought Frozen was okay but I loved Wreck-It Ralph!

on 12/10/2018


on 9/29/2019

Wreck It Ralph is better, no contest.