Parasite vs. Joker



Joker is very good, but Parasite is superb. A movie that keeps you thrilled from start to finish. The dad actor which name I can't spell right now is just so terrifically great. I wish he was at least nominated, because Joaquin Phoenix's masterful turn as the Joker will probably grant him the award. Overall, Parasite was the one that kept me thrilled the most and also it's mostly perfectly technically. Joker had some faults here and there, although nothing really big to kill the movie for me.


Really tough choice but Joker just blew me away. Parasite has the stronger screenplay and superior direction.

Joker is a much better film.

Parasite was overrated, wack SJW weeb drivel. Joker beats it like Ed Norton did to Jared Leto in Fight Club.

Both are great, but Parasite was the best movie of 2019

Both are very good. I feel Parasite was clearly better at everything other than the leading role. And that's just because Joaquin is phenomenal.

I'd probably rewatch Joker more often...

The fire rises is incorrect. Parasite is more original and actually has a point, Joker is a basically a slasher except it's pretentious. There is nothing outside of Joaquin Phoenix and the cinematography that are above sub par, the script is really cringy and hackeyed I am surprised people could actually prefer it to the irresistible Parasite. Joker is so generic and none of it leads anyone it copies Gotham and the telltale games along with a slew of other media, honestly I wouldn't consider it art, I would consider it a corporate pale imitation of what art is.

No, and i disagree here because the cinematography, soundtrack, supporting cast and story were good. Phoenix's performance is phenomenal and it did have some social commentary. It's a great movie IMO and very over-hated even while it has great ratings everywhere, anyways it's an elseword story with some inspiration from a few movie stuff. I'd say Parasite was great too, and had a solid story aswell but i enjoyed Joker more.

Joker was a great film and one of the top 10 best comic-book films to me, but I thought Parasite was much better.

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Both these are as overrated as it gets. In fact, both do more wrong then right.

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Joker was predictable, whilst Parasite was not.

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