Parasite vs. The Lighthouse



Two masterpieces of it to Parasite slightly

Super close! Two of four masterpieces this year, but Parasite gets the slight edge. Though The Lighthouse might have a slightly stronger ending

Parasite easily

The Lighthouse

i love parasite but the lighthouse resonates with me more

The Lighthouse is a atmospheric masterpiece! It was even better to watch it during a rainy, dark evening. But Parasite is simply on another level. This is a subtitles duel btw. Korean is one of the only languages I've been exposed to that I don't know shit about; Willem Dafoe is speaking super ancient English.

Parasite wins...

It's kinda embarrassing that I don't speak Korean yet I could understand the dialogue better than Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse. Anyway, with subtitles on, Lighthouse is just a movie that I prefer! I love the surreal, absurd and thought provoking imagery mixed in with that older style of filmmaking!

I appreciate The Lighthouse. The performances and the way it was shot were wonderful. I definitely prefer Parasite though.


The Lighthouse is great but I prefer Parasite.

The Lighthouse has better cinematography and is extremely atmospheric, and is coupled with better performances from Pattinson and Dafoe. But I think the script of Parasite carries it above Parasite, with its perfect critique on class difference. Both are phenomenal, tho