Parasite vs. 1917



Yeah, yeah, Parasite is way better and it should win. Enough of American/English bullshit.

I mean it doesn't matter what language a movie is in or where the production takes place as long as it's good. That being said, Parasite wins!

Yeah, the language certainly doesn't matter. We're talking about culture here, as I meant English in regard to England. World culture, btw. We're fucking sick of the same USA shit. It's not a land of dreams or something like that and it's also NOT the only culture or country in the world worth of telling stories, so I'm really happy with this result.


Parasite is the superior film hands down. A great film was not ignored.

Parasite handily.

Loved both


Wow, 1917 was robbed and is clearly the better movie. Parasite is still losing money no matter what statues it's given for virtue signaling sake.

I preferred 1917....

Parasite was great for a while, but then it got increasingly absurd in its second half. 1917 didn't impress me much, but I found it entertaining from beginning to end. 1917 with the win here.

I absolutely loved both of these movies, but Parasite impressed me more than 1917 in most categories. 1917 has better cinematography and visual effects. However, Parasite had a more interesting and thought provoking story with slightly better developed characters as well as a cool production set. Don't be fooled though, Both movies are definitely a must-watch though.

I really enjoyed both, and I’m glad both were recognised by critics and audiences for their brilliance, but this mostly comes down to which film I enjoyed more, and 1917 wins in that respect. Parasite’s plot definitely took more risks, twist and turns, while 1917 relied on a not-insubstantial amount of war movie cliches to carry the plot, albeit told through the lense of a fantastically composed and choreographed sensory experience. That said, I almost rejected Parasite for how bat-shit insane to the point of ludicrous its climax was, though the somber epilogue definitely redeemed it for the message of social inequality it was trying to convey. Overall, 1917 wins for being more my kind of film and for not breaking my immersion the same way Parasite did (though the bit with the river came close). Both are excellent overall however, and I’m glad that Parasite broke the cycle of UK/USA domination of film awards, particularly the Oscars.

I find it interesting. 1917 broke my immersion more than once, especially that few-seconds-longer cut in the middle of it.(You know, the knockout scene). Parasite, on the other hand, kept me immersed even in the narrative stop, also in the middle of it. That's how the same movies work for different people and that's great!

1917 cannot hold a candle

Parasite is the equivalent of a diversity hire for diversity hire sake. 1917 is actually an epic movie. See the difference.