Parasite vs. Avengers: Endgame



1: Joker 2: JoJo Rabbit 3: Avengers: Endgame 4: Parasite 5: Little Women 6: Knives Out 7: 1917 8: Marriage Story 9: Ford V Ferrari 10: Ready or Not

Avengers: Endgame is superior cinema.


1. Jo Jo Rabbit 2. Joker 3. Parasite 4. Marriage Story 5. The Irishman 6. 1917 7.Midsommar 8.Knives Out 9.Us 10. Rocketman. I need to see Avengers : Endgame.

Hogwash Report: Jo Jo Rabbit = drivel ... Joker = true garbage ... Marriage Story = more ScarJo drivel ... The Irishman = overrated waste made by terds past their prime ... 1917 = great film .. .Knives Out = hack director and Rocketman = waste of film .... talk about either a terrible year in film or terrible taste.


In your case terrible taste.

Parroting award show nominations is the sign of a weak mind. Can't make up your own mind so you have to pretend you're smart and "like" what the jaded paid off critics like. Quite sad. 


I'm not parroting anyone. The Academy just has good taste this year!we

Dude, you're arguing with sometroll which No. 1 movie is The Crapvengers: Age of Cashgrabbing Bad Movies for Brainless Idiots That Just Like Explosions and No Character Depth Whatsoever. Don't waste your time.

I just need to comment 3 times to offset the troll. Sorry everyone


I'm going Endgame...

Two of the favourites from 2019. Seeing Endgame in theatres added to the experience and, while I think it's a better movie and more ambitious in scope, the twists and commentary in Parasite is so well thought and well executed!

The highest grossing movie of the year (ever) vs. the best movie of the year. Parasite with the easy win.

Avengers: Endgame is the TRUE best movie of the year. No subtitles needed. Nuff Said.

Honestly, Avengers: Endgame was the more impressive achievement.

Since Avengers is a worldwide hit, it seems like yes, subtitles are needed. South Korea is a great example. Also, my hearing isn't one of the best (probably because of teenage angst, that "fueled" my need of listening to earphones in maximum volume, so a dumb reason to have hearing loss) and there's also deaf people. So, yeah, subtitles ARE needed.

Endgame isn’t even the best avengers movie, and parasite is better than every mcu movie

I absolutely love both but right now I have to say Parasite it could easily change though.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with either. Parasite is clearly the better film, the best of 2019, and one of the greatest of the 2010's (and some are even saying of all time), but Endgame was a more entertaining movie for me (and personally, I'm not a fan of scary scenes).

Endgame is a garbage, flard and fully load of crap and parasite is a masterpiece so it wins by miles

Endgame may not be Oscar worthy but it certainly is better than Para-Virtue Signal.

Parasite and it shouldn't even be a question

parasite easily tbh, rivals joker as the best of 2019

Endgame was so bad it almost ruined MCU's legacy. Definitely tainted it a lot

Parasite by a long shot

Not close. Parasite is a great film. Endgame is nothing but a niche film for Comic book nerds, a few children and the dull.

I admire parasite the best nominated movie it is, endgame is overload beyond forgotten and overrated