Parasite vs. High and Low



Heh. The fucking same metaphor. Japan vs. Korea (the good one). Well, both of these movies were absolutely masterful, absolutely engaging and absolutely memorable. High and Low is an excellent crime drama by the God of Japanese Cinema, Akira Kurosawa, and it's an obvious inspiration on Bong's work. That being said, Bong's directing and his sense of humour is just too much for me. Parasite's been growing on me from the moment I've finished watching it, which is great and rare. It breaked my top 100 instantly, but to this point it already broke into my top 20 and I've been seriously considering giving it a top 10 spot. Probably HaL will also grow on me over time and join my top 20, especially because my tastes are changing lately, but Gisaengchung is still and already almost damn unbeatable for me.