The Truman Show vs. Stranger Than Fiction



why must you do this to me!!

This one is brutal.

I can't decide, but I guess since they're supposed to be comedies and I laughed more and Stranger than fiction that one wins.

Don't like Carey or Ferrell.


The Truman Show was more compelling and thought provoking.

Stranger than Fiction wins. Seaside, FL is just terrible terrible design. tsk tsk

Well since The Truman Show is amazing, filled with brilliant performances and a great social message and Stranger Than Fiction is a mediocre movie with awful dialogue,this is an easy one.

Definetily Stranger than fiction because of its highly originality

I saw both for the first time this week. The Truman Show started off a bit odd for me. For some reason I just couldn't get into it at first. After a while it began to work better and then it kept getting better from there. So on the whole I did end up enjoying it. Stranger Than Fiction worked the whole way through for me, so it gets my vote.

Stranger Than Fiction may boast a more unorthodox structure, but the world-building of Truman Show gives it the edge

Very close for me, bot in the top 600. It's been awhile since I've watched the Truman Show snd , but as I recall the twist happened much earlier in the film, leaving me frustrated by the ending. Stranger than Fiction had a very satisfying ending for me.