Crash vs. Brokeback Mountain



I can finally make justice. :)

Crash was condescending, self-righteous garbage. Brokeback Mountain was more genuine by far and didn't try to shoehorn a simplistic message into the story. The only other nominee from that year that I've seen was Munich, and that would also have been a better choice than Crash. I would guess that any of the other movies would have been a better choice. Crash was rotten.

Brokeback Mountain was robbed by the Academy, it will always be a much better film than Crash.


brokeback mountain is easily better

Both these films are good in their own way! Crash's message is not to judge everyone from their heritage or color and Brokeback Mountain's message is discovering that anything can happen anywhere!

Finally, I can take vengeance for that terrible Oscar win by Crash. It wasn't even nominated for the Golden Globe. It just goes to show what people think when a film only about 8 years old is remembered as one of the worst Oscar wins in history. Brokeback Mountain, fortunately, leaves a much more lasting legacy. Brokeback is the better film, by far

Crash = trash.

Crash, much like kingofpain suggested - tries to shoehorn simplistic subtexts into its story. We've heard the same ol' schtick about racism in America and whatnot. Brokeback is not simply a Gay and Lesbian movie, thats a common misconception of the film. It's a unique and epic love story that chronicles two men who grow and develop over the years with each other. Brokeback Mountain also shows how complex sexuality is, and how it can be the catalyst behind a life-changing event. Crash absolutely stole the Academy Award for Best Picture.

I'll go Brokeback Mountain, as Crash was not deserving of Best Picture, despite it still being a great film.


Love both films but Crash deserved the win for its excellent cast and its powerfully effective screenplay.