Crash vs. Blades of Glory



A very tough battle. Two movies of unparalleled excellence, each with their own lessons to teach. I think I'll have to go with the moving Blades of Glory given it's harsh social critique of a post-feudal society dealing with a catastrophic economic collapse.

This is a joke of a battle... Blades of Glory I'm sorry you were invited

I agree with a moose....this is no battle....


Blades of Glory is a trivial air headed movie with a few laughs.. period.

Euch. Sanctimonious crap or just plain crap crap? I guess Crash has at least a little bit of acting appeal and the occasional tidbit of humorousnessness (which it's supposedly comedic opponent completely lacked). I'm not racist! I hate all races equally!

*its FFS

Crash will have to settle for the silver in this matchup.