Inception vs. Interstellar



I don't quite no were i rank Interstellar among Nolan's cannon of films but it is not as high as Inception. I haven't seen anything as aw inspiring as the visuals of interstellar this year but however some of Nolan's weakest traits hinder this film. His reliance on exposition makes a lot of the film feel like a science lecture and took me out of the experience, also many scenes involving earth felt unneeded and for me dragged the movie longer than needed. the acting around the board is fantastic McConaughey truly is a force in this film, as are his co-stars. in the end this probably is one of Nolan's weaker films but one you stare at in amazement.

Inception used to be my favorite movie. Now it doesn't even make my top 100. That being said, I still love it and give it the win over Nolan's latest. That being said, I'd say Interstellar is the bigger mindfuck of the two.

Inception may forever be my favorite Christopher Nolan film, so Interstellar has no chance here.

Inception, but Interstellar was absolutely mind-blowing!

Interstellar was mind-bending to say the least. Inception is the better movie. Interstellar is still great though.

Inception has more pure entertainment value, and gets the win. But Interstellar has more going on with its ideology and characters.

I love both films. I loved Interstellar's ambitiousness and the deep emotions at its core but Inception is still Nolan's finest achievement in my eyes.

I'm going to be the odd one out here and I'm going with Interstellar

I've never had such a hard time ranking a movie as I have with Interstellar. I absolutely need to see it a few more times before I can know what I truly think of it. I have a feeling that in the end it will be right next to Inception in my Nolan list, behind Prestige and Memento of course. As of right now I guess Interstellar wins simply because of the space kid in me.

I have not seen Interstellar, but I am really annoyed with the Nolan fan boys. He can make a film that is basically a static shot of him taking a shit and it will crack at least the top 250. In all honesty, this is actually ranked as the eleventh greatest film of all time on IMDb. The Dark Night is ranked number four and Inception is ranked number thirteen. I'm pretty sure that there are at least 1,000 films that are more important, influential, and just plain better.

It's not so much a problem caused by 'Nolan fanboys', nor is there a specific cause to this problem. IMDb has become a popularity contest; as more and more people make IMDb accounts, the more likely it is that new, popular, 'hip' films get into the top 250, which results in older films getting relatively fewer votes. Hell, from the last 5 years, 33 films made it into the top 250. Never mind the fact there probably are a lot of films better than the majority of Nolan's filmography, but you could say the same thing to Guardians of the Galaxy, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Django Unchained, which also made it into the top 250. It's more likely that you've seen the hip, new film than the old one that the general public hasn't seen.

Besides, if you want a more reliable list with the 'best' films of all time, there's always this list:

Just saw Interstellar. Calling it right now - greatest movie OF ALL TIME.

both mind-bending, and ambitious, and ultimately amazing, but inception takes the cake for me. interstellar is the kind of movie that has to be processed over a number of years, to have a full grasp on the concept.

I think it's Inception in a mauling....

I was being ironic, if that wasn't obvious to anyone.

Interstellar by lightyears.

I'd say Inception, but it's very close.

Loved Intersteller it was a a sci-fi marvel yet was very human with characters constantly evolving and the science was spot on its a great film fantastic all around but Inception was way more entertaining and the cast was a bit better with a mind blowing story but still a great thrill ride like a Indiana Jones film It has that re-watchability and the right amount of drama and action! both are some of Nolans masterpieces but Inception was a bit better!

Inception by a pretty huge margin. Interstellar features career-topping moments, but only moments. It unfortunately has some of the worst moments of Nolan's career as well.

Love both but Inception was a tighter, intense and more puzzling (in a good way) movie. Interstellar may have some scientifically accurate stuff but Inception was more 'clever' in a way that you thought you knew everything about how the mission was going to play out but you're actually learning about it as you went along making the climatic Inception scene with Cilian Murphy and his father a more satisfying AHA! Moment than the third act of Interstellar.

Two mindfucks of the highest degree! Lol, I reckon Inception takes it out though. Interstellar felt bloated at times, still a great film, but Inception just beats it on all levels.

Inception is no doubt the superior movie although Interstellar is pretty high on my favorite Nolan movies.

nope, inception i bet of Nolan


Inception was far more intriguing

It's definitely Inception. Interstellar is probably the weakest film I have seen from Christopher Nolan. Not to say that it was bad, but I just don't think it amounted to anything special, aside from a few moments of visual splendour. It's weird to say, but I am actually having trouble remembering exactly how I felt about Interstellar only a few weeks after seeing it, whereas Inception left a great impression on me based on one viewing, which I still remember 2-3 years on. Just a more entertaining, engrossing film with more imagination behind it and a balance between exposition, visual story-telling and emotional investment which Interstellar never managed to achieve.


Sorry this posted more than once......

I'll say Inception now, but I may very well come back in a few years and change my mind. We'll see.

I've seen inception a dozen times or so and while it is flawed, I love it. I've seen interstellar 3 times, and it keeps getting worse, similar to The Dark Knight Rises. I feel Nolan's scripts are getting dumber and dumber.

Inception, easily. Interstellar is probably Nolan's worst film to date, even if it's only *alright*.

Both are some of my top favorites of all time, but I'll go with Interstellar.

For some reason Nolan fanboys flock to Inception. Inceeption is a very interesting movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but what it has in intriguing plotting and special effects it lacks in screenplay and acting elements. I sometimes think Nolan should be a writer and not a filmmaker because I don't think he does much with his actors other than give them lines to say. In Interstellar, though, Nolan finds a heart, and makes a real film. Critics and fanboys might malign it more because it endeavors to supply an emotional aspect, and on many accounts fails. It is still occupied by talky logic and some flat acting (anyone who isn't Matt McConaughey). But, like Inception, it's a thrilling film, and unlike Inception, it sees Nolan going out of his comfort zone.

Interstellar is getting worse for me as the days pass, Inception is just staying at its same average level so I guess Inception wins.

Inception is a juggernaut too good ??

Two instant classics that push the boundaries of filmmaking and beyond. Man, Nolan is on the greatest role of any director since Stanley Kubrick, the perfect blend of critical acclaim and financial success.

Are you fucking retarded?

Inception and Interstellar are both incredible movies, in my opinion, and are some of my favorite movies ever made. This is one of those matchups where I'm constantly changing my mind about which I like more.

Inception all the way.

Interstellar was a good movie, maybe even a great one, however it was kind of all over the place. Inception on the other hand was a movie that was condensed in a nice neat package. I feel like it had more focus and it's better for that.

Two instant craps that destroy the boundaries of filmmaking and beyond. Man, Nolan is on the worst role of any director since Ed Wood, the worst in critical acclaim and financial failure.

I am a Nolan fan. I probably should see Inception once again but when I saw it I thought it was more an intellectual exercise than anything else. Interstellar, after 3 viewings is more "down to earth", more human, a film I can identify myself with. (But still, Nolan is a genius).

I really enjoyed interstellar it was really good,but it can't match inception.

Going Interstellar. Inception - 9.3/10. Interstellar - 9.4/10

Interstellar is an awful, idiotic bore. Inception is interesting and clever. Hard to believe they are actually made by the same guy. Inception easily.

Both are excellent. Win goes to Inception, with its satisfyingly complicated material edging out the thoughtful ideas and sheer emotional strength of Interstellar.

Inception gets the win. Interstellar is one of the most large-scoped, epic movies ever made. But Inception has this level of mind-fuckery that won't go away. Its about experience I guess. I walked away from Inception thinking "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" Interstellar, although most certainly epic, wasn't satisfying enough.

Inception gets the win. Interstellar is one of the most large-scoped, epic movies ever made. But Inception has this level of mind-fuckery that won't go away. Its about experience I guess. I walked away from Inception thinking "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" Interstellar, although most certainly epic, wasn't satisfying enough.


Inception is a better film. Not as slow during the first act.

Didn't expect this to be so one-sided, for I feel Interstellar is more emotional, more ambitious, with a far better Hans Zimmer soundtrack, and it's the more poignant father's journey. Plus, McConaughey owns DiCaprio.

was a little surprised when i saw interstellar was by nolan as it is so good.

Inception was my favorite movie for years. I could have sworn that there was not going to be a better movie and soundtrack in the next 50 years, until I saw Interstellar.

Love both of these films and both are ranked high on my list but going to have to go with Interstellar. That soundtrack paired with the visuals of that film are so beautiful. This is a tough choice though.


Inception is much better tbh. Not even a bit contest due to better cinematography, pacing and action.

pretty close but interstellar

Inception is a great movie. Interstellar is boring as fuck

Love them both. But interstellar just a little bit better.

inception is probably top 5 of the decade and interstellar is top 10 along with TDKR, Dunkirk is probably top 20. Nolan did really good last decade

Inception is more entertaining and intelligent, Interstellar is more emotional and ambitious. McConaughey gives a better performance than DiCaprio. But I'll give Inception the edge because of the pacing and length.

Both films are great, but when Interstellar only catches my attention the most in the last scene, inception catches my attention throughout all the scenes. It's such a genius film

I can't give a confident answer without another rewatch of Interstellar, but for now I'll go with Inception. Interstellar had quite a few moments of absolutely cringe-worthy dialogue and some of the writing decisions fell short for me. But maybe that'll go away on another rewatch

These are the two best movies made in 2010s, and also top 10 movies of all time. Inception wins

Rewatched those two earlier, I change my mind, Inception is still a masterpiece but Interstellar is better