Inception vs. Forrest Gump



How about this one... gotta go Forrest Gump i fell asleep during Inception.

Forrest Gump is a peculiar movie for me to judge because there are so many scenes in the film that absolutely amaze me, yet just as many that make me roll my eyes. I guess I'd call it a good film, but one whose quality is somewhat erratic. I find Inception to be a more consistently good movie. It wins here.

Caesar is right. It is a wonderful movie for the most part, but I don't really want to watch it again. I know that sounds strange, but I can't expain it. Inception is my favorite Christopher Nolan. It may not be the 'deepest' of his movies, but it certainly belongs to his smartest.

I gotta go Gump. Just love both of these, but Gump has a special place in my heart that not even Inception can replace...

Both of these movie recieve some hate from different audiences. I'm with Forrest Gump on this one. I can see why one would not love (maybe even hate) Forrest Gump. It might be a tad bit overrated but its a gorgeous movie nontheless. We've got two overrated movies here if you ask me. But Inception is way more overrated. (still in my top 100 though)

If only Forrest hadn't been the creator of the "Have a Nice Day". Inception.

I love how akward i sound when talking about a movie when everyone else goes in depth and knows what there talking about lol.

Not a Gump fan at all. Inception by far.

Hard one. Though Inception is one of my favorites.

Inception. It delivers complexity on screen and does it auspiciously.

Forrest Gump it's just the most beautiful ever made.

Gump wears off after repeat viewings. I like the characters and story but it has pacing issues imo. Inception is utter brilliance!

its about dreams in a dream in a dream in another dream. I hate the rubbish people think is good these days. forrest gump by far

Gump but that could change any day.

Inception is brilliant one of my favorites , but its Forrest Gump !!! This should be easy. Inception is a christopher Nolan masterpiece, forrest gump is a timeless classic. If it was Memento tougher choice.

As a thriller, Inception is unmatched. However, Forrest Gump is superior as a dramatic piece. Given the degree of critical reverence we hold for dramas (especially in comparison with scifi/actions), I must ultimately side with Forrest Gump.

I dont understand how anyone can fall asleep in Inception. You could fall asleep in Forrst Gump but I wouldnt want to. Both these movies are great but I have to go with Inception

Let me even this up Forrest Gump for me

It's Forrest Gump man

Inception is mind blowing, forrest gump is just incredible. Forrest wins

Both are great, but I've seen Gump so many times that I'm tired of it. Inception is a movie that has you thinking from beginning to end, an element that I absolutely love, and that Christopher Nolan always delivers. Inception by far.

"My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump" he sounds like 007

Forrest gump win quite easily

Love 'em both. Inception by a hair.

Naah inception wins this one

I gotta kinda go with Caesar and Mystic Spoon's assessment. I might like Forrest Gump better if it was like "Gump stops Watergate" or "Gump in Vietnam" but to do so many fractured stories it felt kinda aimless. Inception wins for me.

Forrest Gump..


Inception is a better film but I still enjoy Forrest Gump.

Inception is WAY BETTER!!!

For me is Forrest gump One of the worst films of all time while Inception is One of the best movies i ever seen