Inception vs. The Godfather Part II



Inception vs Godfather 2.....gotta go with Pacino...but not by a lot

No, Pacino BY A TON. It's not even a contest here and most sane people know it.

Big contest but in the end im going with Al Pacino and THE GF PT 1

Inception. Beats all Godfathers.

In a word...PACINO

I much prefer the grandeur of the Godfather movies. Inception is mind-blowing though.

Godfather 2 now sits at number 1 on my chart.

The Godfather Part II. Al Pacino leads a cast in his best performance yet. A true triumph in movies.

#1 VS #6 Inception wins.

There's no way Inception is beating Al Pacino.

Wow two movies that are insanely overated and i dont like all that much. Ill pick Godfather part II its more influential.

so easy...

Inception's plot is the most intricate I've ever seen. I watched it again over the past week. I admit that there are possible plot holes when you get to Level 4, Limbo. But it's nearly impossible to make a movie like this with absolutely no plot holes. In the end, it's very forgivable considering the fact that it falls in the genre of Sci-Fi. But TGF2, on the other hand, is a fantastical angle of the mafia that isn't very realistic if we be honest. At least with Inception, it's Sci-Fi with an extremely intricate plot. TGF2 is a mafia/drama film. Realism is paramount. TGF2 is a great film and has more clout amongst movie critics abroad, but for me... I personally enjoy Inception more. Inception wins.

Subject to change, but Inception wins.

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: The Godfather Part II

This Generation's 2001 vs the previous generations... well, Godfather 2. The ending to Inception STILL leaves me spellbound.

The Godfather, Part II by far

The Godfather Part II is one of the few films that beats Inception in my mind.

Inception is a very great and enjoyable movie and more than the godfather 2


Inception over masterpiece number 2.


The Godfather may be held in higher regard but Inception left more of an impact on me personally!

Inception is temporality watchable, godfather 2 is an overlong, not astonishing of it

The Godfather Part 2 by a pretty big margin

Two of the best films ever made. Godfather Part II by a slim margin