Inception vs. A Clockwork Orange



A Clockwork Orange is a better masterpiece than Inception and its plot and performances are absolutely thick.

Inception is my favorite movie. Clockwork is amazing also.

"Oops, we accidentally forgot to give Inception any memorable characters"

Clockwork Orange is overrated. I never really found it special in any way.

Yeah, I also found A Clockwork Orange a bit overrated. Inception is more my kind of movie.

Well, talking about overrated... I think Inception is way overrated. I did really enjoy the movie, but the top-10 positions in various rankings is just ridiculous.

So hard to choose! Think I'll go with ACO.

A Clockwork Orange.

Enjoyed both...but Inception wins.

Clockwork is my all time Fav film its psychological torment on the audience is almost untouchable its music gets you and at times makes you pick side on the moral fabric of the world this film depicts life in today's times so perfectly its scary and sexy in a dark way the acting and charcter's are way better than inception in every way if you truly understand the point of Orange at all

Ya pretty simple A Clockwork Orange

Classic Kubrick vs. Nolan! Both are among my favorite films of all time! Inception wins by a hair.

Inception is the winner!

I really like Clockwork but I find Inception more engaging!

ACO is overrated, and so was the assembly of nonsense that was Eyes Wide Shut. The film Inception however, is allegorical and a neat work of cinematic exactitude.

ACO is brilliant but overrated as previously stated above, it lacks a fun factor and I don't really have a desire to ever watch it again. Inception is also brilliant, but is actually enjoyable and has plenty of rewatch value to understand it better.