Inception vs. The Prestige




Team Nolan! Inception took my breath away!

Arg These are like some of my all time favourties but gotta go with inception.

I wasn't blown away by Inception like most....and I enjoyed The Prestige but it was annoying that it came out close to The Illusionist which had a simialar feel.... think I'd go Inception.....

Nolan rules of course. But this is just two close. Can't they just tie?!?!? No? ......... okay. Then, I'm going with the Prestige.

The Prestige is Nolan's third best movie.Inception,fourth.Damn he's a great director.


The Prestige is generally underrated, I think, but Inception is superior in my mind.

The Prestige had atmosphere and is such a thrill, one of my all time favorite movies!

Inception wins the battle of two solid Nolan flicks.

The Prestige is a better movie

I gotta give it to The Prestige with this one. Bale, Bowie and Edison v. Tesla. What can I say?

Tough one: both films are very elaborate and intriguing with many secrets kept until the end. The Prestige I have seen more recently but Inception just wins due the premise

Inception was pretentious - I didn't like it @ all.

I wouldn't go so far as to call The Prestige's science fiction elements a "cheat" but, for some reason, I see it as a significant detriment to the film (it's the film's only big flaw). It's still a damn good movie, however, just not quite as good as Inception.

Nolan is my 2nd favorite director and I love all 8 of his films. The Prestige is my least favorite of his films because it has no rewatch value whatsoever. Inception on the other hand, is my favorite film of all time.

The Prestige is so overlooked and underappreciated amidst Nolan's films that I hate to vote against it. But I've gotta be objective here: Inception is the better movie. Notwithstanding, The Prestige is a tough contender.

Inception all the way

Inception. Of all Nolan's films, Inception is 2nd.

Nolan's films: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Inception 3. Memento 4. The Prestige 5. The Dark knight rises

Nolan is an expert director. He has now been working for about a decade, and he's made some of my all time favorite films. That being said, Inception is his 2nd best film. The Prestige is spectacular, but falls in comparison to films like Inception or The Dark Knight. Maybe next time Hugh Jackman...

the prestige was intriguing and well made but most of the characters were unlikable and i prefer action over mystery so I'm going with inception.

The Prestige; no contest for me; loved the character rivalry and the mystery

Memento > Inception > TDK > TDKR > Prestige > Following > Insomnia > BB

love both the films

Nolan is my favorite director. While I love the Prestige, Inception still takes the win.

Nolan is quite a Director,isn't he?

The prestige is my all time fav. Movie inception is in top 10 though

No qualms with siding toward Inception. It manages to blend a solid, riveting story with a certain finesse that ranks it higher than The Prestige. Nolan's 2006 film loses a considerable amount of steam throughout its runtime, even though it features an interesting concept and a talented cast.

There is absolutely no reason for The Prestige to be as overlooked as it is. Inception is a terrific movie, but The Prestige does run away with this one.

Can I pass on this one?

Nolan movie ballet! as much as I liked Prestige, Inception is one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made might be a top 10 film of the last 25 years!

Inception by a close call; because I felt like it went overboard with the action.

Nolan has completely rescued modern cinema!

The Prestige is my favourite film of the last 20 years.

The Prestige is a phenomenal film. Actually, both these films are wonderful and in my top 50. But the Prestige is one I will watch over and over and still enjoy it.

Honestly it may be controversial to say but these are Nolan's BEST two movies. Very very good storytelling.

inception, but i absolutely adore the prestige.


Inception is that good. Nolan is great.

Two of the greatest movies of all time, Inception wins, the best movie of the 2010s