Inception vs. The Empire Strikes Back



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Empire Strikes Back is 'Star Wars' and that is sacred to many...a beloved classic! Inception is too recent BUT BLEW MY F***ing MIND!!!

There's a new sci-fi classic in town.

i feel bad choosing Inception. i feel like im betraying my childhood. but HOLY SHIT! inception was fucking incredible!

Yeah, i feel also bad for choosing Inception over Empire but that Movie ist just Mind Blowing

Really?? Inception was awful.


I appreciate the Star Wars trilogy for what it is, but I can't say I'm a big fan. I didn't grow up with the saga so that may have a lot to do with my thoughts about it (I grew up on films like Jurassic Park and Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Sixth Sense and The Lion King). Because nostalgia doesn't play a factor for me here at all, my choice is easily Inception.

When it comes down to it, I'm going to watch Inception over Empire. At least, today. I feel bad for doing it, but oh well.

Oh god, my childhood favorite vs. my most recent favorite. please dont make me choose Flickchart!

Inception...Inception...Inception. Although I do love Empire, the dream thriller wins.

you know what? Star Wars has become a series for children over the years. Adults can enjoy it as well, and i personaly LOVE the movie a lot, but i think i can owe that to nostalgia. Inception is for adults, it's thrilling, it's complicated, and simply better. Sorry Darth.

Strange how many people have changed their mind.

I recently re-watched Empire Strikes Back, and many of the Star Wars movies for that matter, and when it comes down to it, when you look at the Star Wars movies and try to criticize them as films, with no biases...there's a lot wrong with them. I still love them, and their really fun, but honestly, some of the writing and acting is just horrendous. Empire is a solid action film, but some of the dialogue is so. damn. clunky/obvious/stupid. Inception is smart, exceedingly well-written, competently acted and beautifully directed by Nolan. How long something has been out shouldn't factor into how good a film is.

Who said anything about how long these were out?

I am in love with Inception! That shit blew my flippin mind :o

@DaveintheCave Wasn't referring to you. I just noticed a few people on this matchup mentioning how Inception felt too new/how nostalgia plays a part in the decision. It feels like a lot of the time in the discussions, people will take two very good films and they usually go with the older one simply because the other film hasn't been out long enough.

cmon, Inception is nothing compared to The Empire Strikes Back

I don't really see why people complain about the dialogue in Star Wars so much. I thought it was fine for the most part(particularly in ESB). The dialogue is going to be a little silly, it's an adventure movie. Think The Adventures of Robin Hood not A Man For All Seasons.

@Boonme About nostalgia factoring into decisions, it seems that many people on this site are compiling a list of their personal favorite movies not necessarily the ones they think are the best.

I concur with the cave-man. People are bowing down to nostalgia, not seniority. There is a difference. Ignoring that difference, I suggest, simplifies the causality. I think that this is a perfectly legitimate reason to enjoy a film; nostalgia is a desirable feeling in most cases, and if a film can evoke a sense of warm, happy reverie, hell that can only be a good thing. Nothing wrong with that being reflected in their lists. Also, many people on this site don't recognise a seperation between 'best' and 'favourite', while others, such as myself, simply choose to dismiss that supposed seperation. All that matters is that I enjoy a film, screw everything else. Movies are art (whatever that means) and art (whatever that means) is trivial, so I say objectivity can go fuck itself.

Oh btw, nostalgia doesn't affect my decision here at all, as I only saw Empire for the first time two years ago.

The Empire Strikes Back is more fun and full of more adventure than Inception

The Empire. It is AMAZING.

Inception wins.

Changed mym ind ever since watching Inception. Inception wins.

Despite what George Lucas has become and how genius Christopher Nolan and Inception is... It's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK......if you choose Inception over it I hope your childhood manifests as a corporeal being and kicks you in the balls.

Ah Empire wins.

Aw c'mon, Inception is great, but better than Empire? Noooooooooo. (unintentional Revenge of the Sith reference)

Lucas is just not in the same league as Nolan.

Inception isn't terrible, it isn't mind-blowing either. But Star Wars wins

Inception is a masterpiece.

Empire Strikes Back is amongst the greatest films ever made (in a top 10, ESB should make it) Inception, in my eyes, most certainly isn't

INCEPTION is a very good movie, and one of Nolan's best efforts. The only REAL problem I have with it was the character development. None of the characters really have a chance to be elaborated on, which makes the film emotionally vague. Of course the performances are great, but it would've been better to develop the characters more. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK on the other hand is the pinnacle of 80's Sci-Fi films, along with Blade Runner and its successor, because of how loveable the characters are. My answer is very clear, TESB all the way.

10 and 1 on my chart, Inception is my favorite movie of all time.

NachoMovieMan, erm, you chose Inception over ESB... I hope your childhood's okay!

Empire. I love Inception....but, against Empire...can't quite match up...

Inception is brilliant. A Master piece.

Empire Strikes Back is better.

Love both, but Inception is just so thought-provoking on so many levels... pardon the pun.

Inception is Christopher Nolan's most over rated movie. Memento it is not. The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie ever. I think Star Wars Phat ass just broke the scale.

Inception for sure.

Empire is clearly the better sci-fi flick.

I've gotta go with The Empire Strikes Back.

Inception is no slouch, but Empire is the best film of all time.

WHATTHEFUCK? Empire is 10 times better. It's not even close. The people who choose Inception, I will find you. And I will kill you. LOL jk but don't choose it!

Inception is overrated as can be, but I still like it. Empire wins very easily. No competition.

The Empire wins

Inception is amazing but Empire is epic and better on repeat viewing its character are legendary an all time classic Empire wins

Empire Strikes Back no Question!

Empire Strikes Back totally crushes Inception. Star Wars all the way.

For me inception

This is the second time this match-up has come up and last year I took Inception after a rewatch it still blew my mind but Im changing it as well Inception is a masterpiece(unless you are not that intelligent or have no perspective on cinema)but Empire has a whole universe of character and action with great dialog and memorable quotable lines the characters are more in depth and the world is stronger, still it is part of a trilogy and not a one off but I would love to see a Inception TV show on HBO that would be cool!

Star Wars > The Empire Strikes Back > Revenge of the Sith > Return of Jedi > Inception > The Phantom Menace > The Attack of the Clones.

Love both. Empire for its characters and what it did to the SW universe!

Going with ESB.

Every Nolan film is most dull and overrated crap but it’s Star Wars all the way.

Any Star Wars owns the overrated inception in all that matters.

Star Wars all the way, Inception is pure boring nonsense lack of a film.

Hey again it’s Star Wars destroys anything most boring inception all that matters.

Hey again it’s Star Wars destroys anything most boring inception all that matters.

Hey again it’s Star Wars destroys anything most boring inception all that matters.

ESB is better than all of Nolan's films combined.

No, troll. ESB is better but Inception is still a fantastic film.

Empire in the comfort zone for me

ESB is better than TDK (nolan's best imo)

Big Nolan fan however I can't consign Inception over a sci-fi movie as influential as Empire.

Wow no comments here? Inception was amazing but needs more viewings to match up against Empire

Inception is far better




Empire is overrated, Inception is more better

Empire is overrated due to nostalgia, Inception is better


Inception ??

Empire Strikes Back dominates and it isn't close. It's so much more influential and memorable. Vader is an iconic and superbly written villain. The lore established and furthered in this plot makes the story more complex and philosophically rich, and the usage of Jung's theory of shadows to create a dichotomy between the light and dark sides of the force was a brilliant move for this movie. Inception is a great movie, masterful even. But it really doesn't come close.