Inception vs. Minority Report




Two phenomenal sci-fi thrillers. Inception gets my vote.

As much as I enjoy Minority Report I'm also going with Inception here


It's too early for me to choose Inception yet. I admire both films immensely.

Two proudly representants of the sci-fi genre. Though both films are up there, among the best of their race, I'll go with Minority Report to try to even the score a little.

I'm with the minority

PiccoloKing, me too. Minority Report is slightly better.

I'll brake the tie with inception.

Loved Minority Report, but Inception is just a deeper and more unique movie.

Inception. Minority Report was good, just not good enough...

There's just WAY too many futuristic gadgets/technologies (spider-like robots, jet packs, etc.) featured in Minority Report. They really make it impossible to get emotionally invested in the story. Inception, on the other hand, is science fiction done right. Easy choice...

Love them both. Inception is the better movie but both had great vision.

both blew me away! i actually like Minority more but Inception is the better made film and damn the cast is great.

Two of my fav Sci-Fi films here! Inception was more thrilling it had humor and heart plus the story was so refreshing I just liked it a bit more but not by much.

Inception off-course. Nothing Spielberg made post 2000 comes close to anything Nolan makes in my opinion. He is still a great director do.

Spielberg is still a great director.