Inception vs. Mulholland Dr.



No comments on this one. Not in the mood to type anything else so I'll just say that Lynch's movie is way more original (and I think that I think it is smarter too).

eh, that qualifies as a comment my friend, and a wrong one at that

Should read "No comments on this one yet?" Then I should've emphasised my surprise with a typically unsophisticated emotive. Something that shouts 'gasp' but doesn't cross the threshold into 'damnable bewilderment'. Life's tricky on the other end of flickchart.

I don't know if Mulholland Dr. is smarter because I haven't tried to figure it out (except for when I first saw it and I looked up some in-depth explanations on the internet that were too long to commit my brain power too. I have decided that I don't want to understand it, but just appreciate the experience.) I do know that it's more entertaining in every way that I deem important. It creeps me out and amuses me and confuses me in a myriad of ways. Inception failed to engage me in any other way except for trying to figure it out. I didn't care about anything that was happening beyond keeping track of what was going on. With Mulholland Dr. there are more rewarding diversions.

As much as I'm going to end up kicking myself for this one, Mulholland Dr. wins.

Mulholland Drive, easily. Don't get me wrong, Inception holds a coveted spot on my Top 50 (though it's teetering on the edge) and is one of the finest Hollywood blockbusters in years, but whenever somebody says how "Inception was so confusing" I want to tell them to go watch Mulholland Drive and THEN say Inception is confusing. David Lynch is the king of mindf*ckery.

I love Inception, but I think Mulholland Dr. is simply the better film.

Very mysterious, would be something to call these two movies. Christopher Nolan over David Lynch in this bout, because Inception offers higher entertainment value.

I love the hell out of Inception, but Mulholland Drive gets better every time I watch it. It's at 8 on my chart right now and I can see it climbing even higher in the future.

Both films are mind boggling works of art. There's only one way to go though, with the most endearing and story-driven of the two.

Inception is a home run. I just don't think Mulholland Drive is...

Loved Mulholland Dr., but Inception is the real masterpiece here.

inception left me thinking for months . Mulholland Dr., was interesting but I just didn't give shit about the movie after watching it

Ultimately, Mulholland Drive's mysteries are far more compelling

Both films are like a maze in which it's easy to get lost. But Nolan leaves the necessary clues to guide your way to the exit. Lynch, on the other hand, leaves you stranded somewhere in the middle, and even mocks your cries for help.

This is pretty tough. Both are extremely well done. But Inception is a film that is complex, but told in a way that makes it feel pretty straightforward and easy to understand (I mean, even The Prestige or Memento are bigger mindfucks than Inception of all things). Lynch's film is just way more confusing. It's a movie that wants to fuck your brain till it turns into scrambled eggs, if that makes sense. I prefer Inception, but I might change my mind after another rewatch