Inception vs. The Godfather



You Can't go wrong with this!

Inception vs. The Godfather. What a matchup. Both films ahead of their time and both masterpieces. I have to give it to the Godfather though.

Now these are two films that will stand the test of time. The perfection of the 70's and the amazement of the 2010's. The Godfather had an outstanding cast with stellar performances. Inception is just good in every department but it doesn't beat The Godfather in acting. I'm still going with Inception because the first time i watched it I was blown away.

The Godfather. Inception is latest great thing, but it doesn't matchup to The Godfather. Great matchup though.

I know I'm in the minority but I really disliked Inception. The Godfather, however, is a masterpiece.

Godfather....nothing else needs to be said

Both are great films.

Love me some Inception. Love it. But The Godfather is on rare air here. There can only be one...

Both good films, but The Godfather was perfect.

How is this even a discussion? Inception was great, but Godfather all the way!

Ha-ha, funny joke.

The Godfather wins it

Godfather is amazing, but Inception is my favorite movie.

This is laughable in my eyes.

That's right Inception! Don't mess with the real masterpiece! Kiddin', love Inception but the Godfather! Vito Corleone could erase Cobb's violations!

I may have loved Inception before, but upon my latest viewing...I love it even more! That said, it can never touch The Godfather, my second favorite film and the greatest film ever made!!!!

Godfather is cinematically the better movie and technically the right answer, but I just love me some Inception. Put it this way: If I were bored and only owned these two movies, chances are greater that I'd choose to watch Inception rather than The Godfather. Thus, I'm voting against an all-time great and classic in The Godfather and going with my heart. I'm taking Inception.

Inception has slipped on my list (it is still currently in my top 10) I've now gotta go with The Godfather.

I LOVE inception on so many levels. With both movies it makes me smile on just how good they are. However, godfather is one of the few movies which I would actually call a masterpiece.

The Godfather is great but Inception is my favorite movie

They are neck and neck on my chart. I'm going to have to side with the movie that's higher up on my chart and that would be Inception. Very close contest though and if Inception would've faced Part 2, this story might not have ended so merrily for Inception.

For replay value alone Inception wins this. Not taking anything away from Godfather but you need to be in a mood to sit for that long and watch a crime drama. Inception is much more watchable.

I think The Godfather actually has the edge now. Still incredibly close though.

Inception, like much of Nolan's work, leaves me cold. The Godfather, on the other hand, is a really absorbing watch.

Love inception but it can't beat godfather

A modern classic vs a classic. The Godfather takes this one.

The Godfather is one of the best films of all time. Enjoyment level, however tips me towards Inception on this one.

Inception is very great and brillant movie so inception wins


The Godfather wins but Inception is so fantastic.

Godfather for me also.

The godfather destroys anything Nolan has ever done.