Inception vs. The Book of Eli



Two of the better films of 2010 but I have to go with the underdog. Eli was criminally overlooked. It's a deep, intense and actually spiritually moving film.

Book Of Eli had an incredibly silly and improbable twist ending that comes out right the f*ck out of nowhere and ruins the whole movie which was just okay to begin with.

LOL If you think the Book of Eli was silly then I seriously doubt you saw Inception. The Book of Eli is about as silly as some of the elements found in Fahrenheit 451. Overall I agree that Inception was a better movie, but I disagree with your silly comment. . .

Nope, Book of Eli was definitely silly. So-so entertaining but silly.

The Book of Eli is a pretty cool post-apocalyptic film, but Inception is still my favorite movie from 2010.

I am so sorry Inception I am going with The Book of Eli