Inception vs. Star Wars



Sorry, Star Wars.

Give it some distance, kingbee63. A year or two from now, once the Inception hype dies down (it actually already has begun to do so), see it again and decide. Especially if you love Star Wars enough to apologize to it. I always find it is best to rate recent movies down the timeline a bit, once you have let them digest for awhile. You have to make sure it goes past the fast food stage. Cheap hamburgers are great straight off the counter, but fifteen minutes after you eat them, there is often that regret stage, where you feel with just a little more forethought, you could have eaten something far better. Don't get me wrong. I adored Inception (and Chris Nolan), but it needs to get past the usual knee-jerk apparatus of current popularity before it really start to be compared to the true classics.

McDonald's vs. Ruth's Chris

Do NOT get caught up in the hype.. Don't get me wrong, Inception is a great movie, but Star Wars has influenced an entire genre of films, and the good vs evil dynamic. You don't find yourself caring about characters or becoming as absorbed in the plot of Inception.

Maybe 10-20 years from now, after the shiine has worn off Inception (and after I've seen it a bunch more times) my opinion may change. For now I'm sticking with my choice.

I don't love Star Wars enough to apologize to it. Oh yeah, I loved it as a kid. It will always be special. But while it is certainly and most definitely influential, it's not as GOOD or, heck, even as original as Inception. Yes, I'm going way out on a limb saying that, but that's what I believe. I fully expect Inception to drop a little on my chart when I see it again and the "shine" wears off (it's currently #3), but I'm a Nolan nut, and Inception was fantastic. @Scott_McL: I was totally absorbed in the plot of Inception. It's got so many layers to it, while Star Wars is really a pretty straightforward, simple story. Of course, there's nothing wrong with simple. I rank The Dark Knight ahead of Inception, and it's easily Nolan's most straightforward, linear plot. I don't know; when I was a kid, I loved Star Wars. I've grown to like it. Maybe I'll feel the same way about Inception in 20 years. For now, I saw it once, two months ago, and I still get a buzz when I think about it.

Inception is such a good film, but I feel like its too new to take down Star Wars. Maybe in a few years.

Probably the two most important movies I've ever seen, for very different reasons.... gotta give it to Star Wars, for seniority


The nostalgic feeling for Star Wars wore off for me when I turned 10 (probably earlier?). I still hold respect for it since it's part of cinema history and all that jazz. The same may happen with Inception in a few years, no one knows for sure. Times change; people change with the times (those who aren't held back by the past), but right now, I could honestly say, there's not a doubt in my mind, heart or movie-going soul -- Inception is not only the more entertaining film, it's also the better made. And one of my all time favorite films.

Star Wars at it's peak was before my time and I've never understood the hype surrounding it. For it's time I'm sure it was great but to me Inception is a deeper, better written film with a fresher concept and a stronger cast. Plus I've got a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan and I'm not sure I can say the same for George Lucas after the last Indiana Jones. I'm going with Inception on this one.

I don't think seniority has any place in deciding which of 2 films is better. No matter what year it was released in, quality is most important, and these are 2 very high quality films, but as influential as Star Wars was, Inception is the all-around better film. Acting-Inception. Writing-Inception. Direction-Inception. Overall experience-Star Wars. 3 to 1. Inception wins.

......... i will NEVER be able to properly choose between these

Yeah, Inception had a solid idea, but they were over-explaining things far too much. There was a good 30 minutes of exposition in that film that was just redundant. I liked it and all, but I think that Star Wars is hands down the obvious choice here. No contest.

The first three Star Wars (in order of production) are just too old. Inception has better special effects, better acting, and the idea for it is truly amazing. Inception is better than Star Wars because Star Wars is just too old.

If this was Inception vs. Empire then maybe it would be sort of tough for me but in both situations Inception wins because it's just so complex and mind bending.

This is tough choise. really

I think Inception is actually kind of terrible.

I respect SW legacy so much that Return Of The Empire will beat Inception,at least for now. So Star Wars and Return Of The Jedi are gonna be represented in just one movie, that stands for everything Big ol' George did.

Star Wars wins on its groundbreaking achievement and it actually laid the groundwork for films like Inception. In my opinion and the opinion of a majority of the world: A BLOCKBUSTER CLASSIC (Star Wars)

Star Wars wins on its groundbreaking achievement and it actually laid the groundwork for films like Inception. In my opinion and the opinion of a majority of the world: A BLOCKBUSTER CLASSIC (Star Wars)

Is public memory short or what?Star Wars was the revolutionary film Inception isn't.

Star Wars is more revolutionary than Inception.

Star Wars just.

But that doenst mean it is a better film. Inception all the way.

Inception is clever,exciting and highly entertaining and I can't let nostalgia bias my judgment.Star Wars is fantastic and fully deserves the status it enjoys today but Inception is just something more.Even though many might disagree with me,I still believe that Inception is one of the most original and smart films to come out in recent years.Its concept is unique and honestly,I think it'll age better than Star Wars.I might have hesitated a little if Empire was in question but even then the answer would have been Inception.

Oh wow, pretty tough. I'll go with Star Wars for now, I really need to rewatch Inception to be 100% about this though.

Inception was one of the best movies in recent history but Star Wars and The Empire Strikes are the best movies of all time, Hands down. Star Wars is the most original movie ever made.

Inception is my favorite movie of all time, Nolan is a genius.

Damn right J-Cush. Nolan is a freaking genius. Going with Inception.


I can't believe how people overrate Inception. It is all "wow, man that's awesome." Star Wars is so much more.

There can be only one with the Force...and this is one of the few times I don't give the advantage to Nolan.

The only flaw of Inception was that sadly, none of the characters had a backstory to them and it made me feel emotionally disconnected from some of them.

Inception is trash. Star Wars.

Inception was just a little too delicious for Star Wars personally.

Star Wars is without a doubt more iconic, but Inception is more sleek and innovative. It's like comparing the latest Apple iphone to the old Blackberry flip phone. Or like comparing Samsung's latest Galaxy Note to the old Palm Treo. Remember those anyone? :-)

My vote goes to Star Wars.

they forgot to put characters in Inception :/

Star Wars. Inception is a great summer blockbuster but it's not a classic.

star wars takes this

inception it wars is good but it lacks emotions

Inception for me. It just blows my mind how good it is every time I see it.

Inception annihilates the first star wars. Now if this was Empire that would be extremely difficult to decide.

Inception has, indeed, downgraded for me in the past five years. It is the reason I do not allow myself to rank a film into my Top 100 anymore without seeing it at least twice. In fact, Inception now ranks around the #80 spot for me, and these two particular films are so close on my chart that I'm not entirely certain what to do with this. (For the record, Empire and Jedi would both get no-hesitation victories here.) I could say, oh yeah, Star Wars is the influential classic, but that's just cheating. Which mocie do I *LIKE* more? Frankly, at the moment, I'm not entirely sure...

Star Wars

Inception with ease.

Sorry I meant Star Wars with ease.

Most for sure Star Wars.

Star Wars, and it's not even close.

its so close i cant choose